Low Touch IT Operations with
Algomox®AIOps and Virtual SREs.

Traditional IT Operations tools are not enough for the modern IT environment.
Algomox®AIOps platform and Algomox®Norra are purpose-built for modern IT to optimize the cost of IT Operations.

Algomox®AIOps Components

AIOps enables digital and people transformation.
Drive your ITOps cultural changes with AIOps platform and Virtual SREs.
AI observability
Intelligent end-to-end observability by correlation of data from multiple data sources to find anomalies, error patterns, events, and incidents.
Proactive IT automation
Automate end-user engagement and front-end support activities to resolve IT incidents and service request tickets and speed up the ITSM process.
Automated Ticket Resolution
Fast, effective action that reacts to changing environments to automate different IT ticket task and enable auto-remediation and auto-fulfillment.
AI based IT governance
Govern ITOps activities in a single pane of glass view providing end-to-end visibility with better capacity planning, tracking, and compliance.

Algomox®AIOps Platform

Applying advanced patent pending AI technology to IT operations.


AI based Virtual SRE

Redefining your IT service and support with Virtual SREs.

Algomox® Cognitive Helpdesk Agent is an AI-based IT support engineer that works with your IT helpdesk team to provide 24/7 automated IT support activities. The Cognitive Helpdesk Agent leverages its well-trained IT knowledge and skills to understand requests from IT users and uses its built-in AI models to fulfill the request.

By leveraging Norra, you can:
Shift left further with ITOps
Shift left further with IT Operations.
Automated L1 helpdesk activites
Automated L1 helpdesk activities.
 Automated Ticket Routing
Issue and route the IT tickets.
Lower SLA rate
Resolve IT tickets and maintain SLA.
Service desk automation
Enable 24x7 IT Operations.

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