Manage your IT with Algomox AIOps.

AIOps, the Algorithmic IT Operations, is the application of machine learning and data science to IT operations problems. Algomox AIOps platform combines Cloud-Native IT management with Artificial Intelligence to enhance and partially replace all primary IT operations functions, including availability and performance monitoring, anomaly detection, event correlation and analysis, and IT service management and automation. The Algomox AIOps platform enables you to improve the IT Operations and save the cost of operations continuously.

AI based IT Infrastructure Automation

Algomox AIOps Platform collects KPIs, Logs, and Traces from different sources and correlates data across users, applications, infrastructure, and network services. Then it applies deep learning, anomaly detection, event reductions, knowledge graphs, conversational IT, IT automation, and auto-remediation to deliver a new level of visibility, actionable insights, and automated changes. To learn more, download our AIOps white paper.


Algomox AIOps Platform

helps you?

Our Observe, engage and act capabilities free up considerable bandwidth of your IT Operations and IT service management, and they can focus on other priorities and innovation projects.


Observe your IT environment

Algomox Cognitive Observe Manager (COM) continuously watches your IT environment and monitor any anomalies from logs, traces, and KPIs. The Cognitive Observe Manager uses advanced deep learning techniques to determine the anomalies and reduce event noise to save operational costs up to 50%.

AI based Observability

Effectively engage with IT users

Algomox Cognitive Engagement Console (CEC) and Algomox Norra - L1 virtual agent, enables IT organizations to engage with their users effectively. Also, it helps them to manage the service and support process lifecycle and reduce the operational cost up to 80%.

AI based Engagement Console

Automatically act on the IT problems

Cognitive Automation Engine (CAE) helps IT organizations to automate the repeated mundane tasks and automate the problem remediation using deep reinforcement learning. This helps to save IT operational costs up to 60%.

AI based Automation Engine

Efficiently govern the IT operations

Cognitive Enterprise Dashboard (CED) helps IT leadership team to map IT investment returns in terms of business value, apply compliance and security policies, and see the IT operations through a single pane of glass. This helps to govern the IT operations very efficiently.

AI based IT Dashboard