Model your AI problem with best in class AutoML tool.

Help your data scientists and machine learning engineers to use AutoML techniques to solve your AI problem with the best algorithm and best hyperparameters, at lowest possible cost.

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Algomox Cognitive Modeling Studio (CMS) helps you, with few clicks, to develop your AI projects
by automatically generating a high performing model and pluggable microservices with up to 90% cost savings!

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Accelerate time to value.

Speed up your data science team with feature synthesis, engineering, and model creation. CMS enables you to the best model faster.

Accelerate time to value

Automate machine learning.

Create high-performance, production ready models with no coding. Develop AI applications without hiring an AI expert.

Automate Machine Learning

Lower the cost of ownership.

Use the best technology AutoML has to offer and save on model building time and costs.

Lower the cost of ownership
Feature Engineering

CMS for

Feature Engineering.

Enables you to feature engineer and feature synthesis your raw datasets to simplify the model selection, get the best dataset features for the model, and improve the performance of the machine learning model.

Feature Engineering
Machine Learning

CMS for

Machine Learning.

Enables you to build a custom machine learning model with few clicks with the best-fit algorithm out of 60+ standard algorithms and its fine-tuned hyperparameters.

Machine Learning
Deep Learning

CMS for

Deep Learning.

Enables you to select the best deep learning model out of thousands of models.

Deep Learning