Closely align IT with the business using artificial intelligence.

Algomox Cognitive Enterprise Dashboard enables the CIO or IT department to map IT investment returns in terms of business value.

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AI based IT dashboard

Algomox Cognitive Enterprise Dashboard (CED) provides visual representations of sophisticated IT and business metrics to give executives a quick and easy way to view their company's performance in real-time.

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Enforce IT policies and governance.

By leveraging advanced AI technologies which enables you to monitor and control IT capability decisions. Then ensures the delivery of business value IT investment to key stake holders.

Enforce IT policies and governance

Acquire single pane of glass monitoring.

Reconcile several IT operations tool to a single pane of glass tool to provide better IT operational efficiency and eliminate silos of operations.

Acquire single pane of glass monitoring

Gain better decision making capability.

AIOps technology enables to make a better-informed decision and execute it using cognitive automation which save cost and provide faster result.

Gain better decision making capability
Enterprise dashboard

Cognitive Enterprise Dashboard.

Algomox CED is an executive dashboard tool that aggregates and displays key performance indicators (KPIs) from IT systems and other business systems to assess various aspects of performance and generate actionable business insights for senior management.

IT Dashboard