Redefining IT Service management and Support with Virtual Site Reliability Engineers(SREs).

Revolutionizing IT service and support by the implementation of AI based virtual SRE. These virtual SREs use advanced machine learning and deep learning techniques to trigger and identify user queries and act upon them using deep reinforcement learning methods. Virtual SRE are impersonations of humans, which are trained and build on some skill set. With the advancement of automation, the People, Process and Technology is getting redefined by AI and in which people are transformed with the help of virtual SRE.

Virtual SREs

Virtual Site Reliability Engineer or agent has the capacity to rapidly resolve those repetitive service requests simply handling the majority of problems from tools, users or customers. AI powered virtual SREs will help in increasing the productivity by 40%.

Virtual Site Reliability Engineers(SREs)

Service Level Management

Virtual SREs, using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning are capable on parsing user queries, commands, or request issued by the users and automatically discovers the intent. Based on the intent classification, IT tickets will be automatically created and auto-resolved by the agents. This will ensure that the service thresholds are met, that is, meeting the SLA.Reducing MTTR and improving customer experience.

Service Level Management

Empowering L2 team with Virtual Linux Admin and DB Admin

With the implementation of virtual agents, manual activities performed by Linux and DB admin can now be automated with the implementation of AI. Virtual SREs are capable of performing admin activities and performing them without much manual intervention.

L2 Team atuomation

Benefits with Virtual SREs

IT Support
IT Automation with Virtual SRE
Intelligent Automation with Virtual Admins
AI based self-service
AI enabled
Auto ticketing
Auto remediate IT incidents
Auto-remediate incidents
Auto fulfillment of service request tickets
Automate IT mundane task
Mundane IT
Customer Experience
Improve Employee and Customer Experience
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