Observe your infrastructure health with AIOps.

Collect logs and KPIs, detect and predict events using dynamic thresholding, detect and predict anomalies using deep learning, and reduce events using complex event processing.

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Cognitive Observe Manager

Algomox Cognitive Observe Manager (COM) enables you to observe the health of your infrastructure components and save the monitoring and IT operational costs up to 50%.

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Observe your IT environment.

Continuous monitoring of your entire IT environment from central tool and collect every KPI and log and centrally store into a Ops datastore.

AI based Observability

Detect anomalies and unknown problems.

Proactively detect error and performance conditions and unknown issues using advanced AI and machine learning.

AI based Anomaly Detection for IT operations

Recognize incidents automatically.

Get to know incidents automatically before the need of manual intervention with automated incident recognition mechanism.

Recognize Incidents Automatically
Observe Manager

Cognitive Observe Manager.

Algomox COM is an AIOps capability that observe the health of different infrastructure elements, applications and services. It collects structured and unstructured data from different infrastructure sources including physical machines, virtual machines, containers, servers, databases, applications, and business services. It uses deep learning techniques to detect events,anomalies and complex event processing to pin point accurate IT problems and its root causes.