AI based Virtual Linux Admin.

Feb 11, 2021. By Anil Abraham Kuriakose

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AI based Virtual Linux Admin

Linux admins are a vital part of every enterprise IT. The basic activities carried out by them range from low priority activity to high risk and priority activities. Some of the major activities performed by linux admins are monitoring the performance of the system, installing and configuring the linux system software, hardware and network. And also they are responsible for ensuring the security and efficiency of the IT infrastructure. All of these are really crucial activities that are performed on a daily basis in an IT enterprise. The risk is also high, as none of the configuration or setup of the system should fail. Based on the monitoring and set up by the admins, most of the work in an enterprise IT is carried. A single point of failure can cause great debt in the system. This can also affect the smooth run of the system and also result in great loss in business. This is a situation that is not in a state to just pass by with a handshake. Serious attention and the proper mechanism is required to resolve this effectively.

It is easy to handle requests at a pace of 10-20. But when this number exceeds, things may get a little out of hand. Moreover, under stressful situations, there is a high risk that some processes can lead to manual error. All of these situations are not acceptable to any IT organization and needs to be addressed with the latest solution. The next question is what is that solution?

AI-Based Linux Admin:

The answer to all the above questions and problems is implementing Cognitive Automation. The term cognitive automation refers to AI based automation which includes natural language processing (NLP), Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL), data mining, and other machine learning techniques which are used to manipulate human intelligence. That is, cognitive automation uses AI technology to solve issues and problems with human intelligence.

So, one such great capability is applying this cognitive automation into the linux admin activities. That is the major activities of a linux admin to be automated by the use of AI. In this way, by applying automation into certain activities, a more efficient workflow is maintained. Moreover, the AI based system will be handling all the requirements that are needed within the internal organization. Also, the quality of work done is also not at stake. The AI based system will completely act as a linux admin and does or fulfill all the linux requirements. This is much similar to having a virtual linux admin which is based on AI and build to human intelligence.

Vitrual Linux Admin Usecase:

Let's consider a scenario and see how effectively does AI based cognitive automation effectively help in automating linux admin task. As mentioned before the major role of linux admin is to set up and config linux system. This involves the process of setting up the environment needed for installing and configuring the servers. This is a hectic task when it comes to the need where more than 30 systems at a time need these installations to happen. This is one major challenge. Now let's bring AI into the picture. When artificial intelligence is applied to the above process, the linux system installation process will be completely be automated by the AI system. That is, AI based model will be trained and deployed, which is capable of handling these installation requirements. These models will constantly check which system needs the installation to happen. Based on the analysis, the system will be automatically updated or the linux package installation will take place.That is how AI based models will be deployed for the above action to take place. This is not just in the case for linux installation. The use of AI can automate any linux admin functionality, whether is it performance monitoring or identifying any security event, AI will efficiently handle the requirements.

Cognitive automation is a great promise for the future. Automating the linux admin task can leverage them from focusing on more important activities. This in turn helps in saving operational cost and operational time. And eventually promotes business growth.

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