AITSM - Improving IT Process with Artificial Intelligence.

Oct 31, 2022. By Anil Abraham Kuriakose

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AITSM - Improving IT Process with Artificial Intelligence

IT Service management(ITSM) works around the clock for the deployment or in helping to manage the internal activities and help desk activities of an IT organization. The management process starts from managing internal employee IT issues, that is, from monitoring and providing laptop support for the smooth run of the business services to supporting the ITSM ticketing system of the organization. Mainly in keeping track whether a ticket is resolved or not, or whether it is still in breached state. Managing these ticket status and the entire system is a real big quest. Apart from that, getting to know what the requirements of the employee are, and getting them done in high quality. Legacy help desk ticketing systems are reactive in the sense that someone has to open the ticket to report a problem before the IT team can resolve it. Multiple people are involved throughout the whole process. Even with all this input and work, their is no hope that, the result or the output required is gonna be 100% efficient.

This is a big concern in every IT organization. Managing the helpdesk activities and proper service management needs to be done very efficiently with high quality. No proactive management of service is happening in IT service enterprise, but this is what should be actually implemented in every IT enterprise, proactive management. This is a major concern of every CIO that needs to be addressed efficiently. Apart from the proactive management, some other major concerns and challenges faced are in providing proper user engagement and also automating the daily mundane task or repetitive task. All of these calls in a big delay of work. So, what is the most efficient method to fast track all of these?

Improving IT Process with AIOps:

Bring in AI into the picture, is your perfect solution. Completely transferring ITSM to AITSM. This is the concept of completely automating every IT operational task by applying artificial intelligence to IT operations. AI is a really big hype. And almost every enterprise IT is moving forward into the adoption of AI, was they can clearly see the potential benefit AI poses. With these great benefits and opportunity in hand, the smooth workflow and IT operations can be efficiently achieved. AITSM is a real game changer for every CIO and also for every IT team within and IT organization.

AI powered ITSM is real game changer. As in this present scenario, people are looking for how effectively and efficiently problems or issues can be solved. That is how quickly can things be. So the vital need here is speed and time taken to complete certain tasks. Speed and time as well as quality of deliverables can never be compromised. Customers expectations can never be diluted due the internal issues an IT organization faces. That’s were AITSM plays its most vital role.

Automating daily mundane tasks is a real advantage. That is, most repetitive task can be automated by the implementation of AI based system. Where in which the system once setup will automatically handle all the task or process that’s needs to be done. Lets say for example, a scheduled back up of a system needs to be done. This is a recurring task that’s needs to done very often. But manually getting things done here requires a lot of time and effort. That’s where AI helps. The AI based system will automatically process the need for a backup to be done, and the system will automatically schedule and get the job done. Another major concern was in managing the IT service activities, such as, managing the ticketing process and so on. The AI based automated system will effectively address and manage this activities. That is, the IT user engagement phase will be handled smoothly with AI system .The ticketing process can completely be automated by implementing AI based models, which will understand the IT user requirements and fill incident or service request tickets as required. Moreover, the AI system is also capable of managing these tickets to its closure state, that is, once when a ticket is opened or filled, the system will be capable of handling the ticket and resolving them, without much of manual intervention. In this way, AI promises to implementation Zero-Touch IT operations.

AI+ Automation is the real future for every IT enterprise. And AITSM is the real go for every CIO's. AI helps in improving IT performance to a great extent, as this benefits in automating almost every IT operation and also does not compromise with the need for limiting the use of any resources and also promises to provide high quality of work and deliverables.

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