AIOps for Virtualization.

Jun 1, 2021. By Aleena Mathew

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AIOps for Virtualization

Virtualization is widespread across enterprises, and the best benefits of virtualization are still not reaped to the full extend. Many IT operations were not handled to their total capacity, as they were still relying on physical servers to get their work done. This was an inefficient situation and also time-consuming with high operational costs. The full implementation of virtualization helped many organizations to reduce the cost and helped in the effective utilization of their IT capacity.

Current Virtualization Monitoring:

Virtualization monitoring is the IT operations process of ensuring virtual environments and their infrastructures perform at the highest capacity and use resources effectively. Along with the evolution of virtualization, it creates a high amount of operational data; with a high number of virtual machines, it became difficult for the IT operators to monitor and manage the virtual environment. There became a high need for advanced technology or solutions that would help resolve the issues faced with the emergence of virtualization. The ultimate solution is the application of artificial intelligence into virtualization. Let's take a deeper look into this concept.

AIOps in Virtualization:

As we have seen, the implementation of virtualization brings many benefits for IT organizations, as most of the physical components get virtualized. But, this did not keep the lights on for the IT team in the long run. With the evolution of the digital era, the use of advanced technology came more into the picture. Along with that came the high use of the virtual environment. A major challenge faced here is monitoring and managing these environments, understanding the issues, and capturing them proactively. That's where artificial intelligence played its role.

AI-based systems were capable enough to monitor the virtual environment and components, such as virtual machines. With the use of AI-based observability, monitoring of virtual components is built into one unified platform. This enables the IT team to observe and monitor from an end-to-end perspective. Moreover, with observability, proactive measures can be taken on the detection of unknown issues. The unified monitoring helps in gaining visibility across the entire system. This also helps in the proper virtualization of AI workloads. Apart from that, AIOps can automatically resolve or remediate the issues that occur in the system. That automated identification of issues automatically triggers actions to remediate the situation in which the production environment does not get affected.

Benefits with AIOps in Virtualization:

Some of the benefits that we get with the implementation of AIOps in virtualization:

Capacity Planning and Resource Utilization:

As mentioned earlier, one significant challenge faced by the team was in properly allocating resources and managing the capacity of the system. With the implementation of AIOps, the AI-based system did this job automatically. Dynamic allocation of resources was made possible from static allocation. This enables the optimal utilization of resources.

Advanced Observability:

Advanced observability enabled in providing total end-to-end visibility across the entire system. This enables the data collection from multiple data sources and correlates them effectively to identify any unknown issues. In this way, IT operators can proactively take actions to resolve the issues without affecting the end-user. Even with the high use of virtual environments, intelligent observability will help to tackle problems effectively.

Cost Optimization:

Cost optimization is another great benefit of AIOps in virtualization. The need for relying on physical systems is limited to a great extent. Proper utilization of physical and virtual systems is maintained. Moreover, the need for manual intervention in identifying unknown issues is avoided here as AI-based systems automatically trigger problems. IT operators can focus on many important tasks, and the need to spend time on other issues is reduced. Thus, saving up operational costs.

When done correctly, AIOps embedded the virtualization management best practices, which can help eliminate or prevent bottlenecks, VM sprawls, mitigate security risks, and keep a virtual environment running smoothly.

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