Transform the IT Operations with AIOps in BFSI Sector.

Mar 1, 2022. By Riya Teres Tom

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Transform the IT Operations with AIOps in BFSI Sector

AIOPs is a powerful approach that is widely deployed in the IT Operations of the financial services field. It has the potential to have a positive impact if businesses deploy it with diligence, caution, and care.AIOps in finance encompasses everything from chatbot assistants to incident recognition and task automation. The adoption of AIOPs in the financial sector enables quick monitoring of IT operations, security, and efficient data management. With the help of AIOPs, financial services companies can handle huge amounts of data generated and avoid human errors and the workload of IT people. The financial sector often has issues with data breaches and security concerns. Applying the best AIOps platforms and tools can avoid these issues and improve the quality of financial services offered, thereby raising customer satisfaction levels.

The primary function of AIOps is to improve efficiency in IT operations.AIOps provides insights from IT infrastructure by using machine learning and deep reinforcement learning, which drastically cut down errors and improve the quality of financial services. The digital transformation solutions of AIOPs, analyze the demand and preferences of customers and create and provide digitally accessible products and services to them.AIOPs also help IT teams collaborate with each other across the organization. The interactive dashboards and customized reports improve the visibility and transparency of IT operations, which improves the collaboration among team members. The AIOps automate the repetitive and recurring activities of IT people in the financial organization, and they can move to more innovative activities.

Many infrastructural failures may happen repetitively, but the data about them is a challenge to the IT team to gain actionable insights for them manually.AIOps can understand and analyze historical data from different patterns in real-time, anticipate the incidents, and suggest remedial actions to resolve and avoid them in the future.AIOPs use past data of failures to find their root cause to solve quickly, thereby decreasing Mean Time To Repair(MTTR). As a result, AIOps can improve overall operations and performance and decrease downtime and outages.

One of the important use-cases of AIOps in the financial sector is the identification of anomalies and their prevention. When relying on manual process and legacy tools and technology for fraud detection and data breaches, it takes approximately six months to figure it out. It results in the escalation of operational costs of the organization. With AIOps, it can be done in a few seconds. Financial institutions have different tools to predict risk and uncertainties, identify third-party logins, illegal transactions, etc.AIOps can bring all these together. With continuous insights from big data and machine learning, AIOps removes noise and creates correlated incidents, enabling IT people to focus on areas requiring immediate action. These issues are resolved rapidly and efficiently without interpreting the business.

The next important function is monitoring and improving the IT compliance of financial services businesses. Compliance in financial services is the act of adhering to the rules and regulations.AIOps can strengthen the compliance part and monitor all the work practices in the organization. The AIOps tools can identify future risks and uncertainties before they become actual risks so that the business does not suffer revenue loss and client loss. The service desk AI software helps financial institutions improve employees' overall work and customer engagement.

Initially, financial institutions have used on-site servers for security and data breaches. This affects the speed of services and makes them less scalable and unstable. When the risk affects the system, the support staff takes a long period to resolve it. The AI tools like auto-discovery continuously look for risks and uncertainties and analyze server conditions. This reduces the drawbacks significantly.

Today, IT has become an active business partner to the financial sector, and expectations of IT have increased to offer experiences to customers. IT events that can influence user experience need to be addressed quickly and efficiently. AIOps, with the help of predictive analytics and automation, can predict future events and prevent them. Even if unpredictable incidents occur, AIOps can help resolve them quickly. This leads to an enhanced user experience.

The financial industry deals with data every single minute in a day. It will be a challenge for IT operations teams if a huge amount of data is processed. Gartner says that AIOps used in monitoring tools for IT infrastructure and applications will significantly increase from 5% to 30% by 2023. The impact of AIOPs tools not only manages the IT operations of the financial sector but is also transformative for fin-tech.

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