What is AIOps enabled SIEM?.

Nov 22, 2022. By Jishnu T Jojo

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What is AIOps enabled SIEM

In the current environment, cybersecurity challenges are more complicated than ever. There are various security risks as commercial organizations move toward digitization now. Business enterprises require a proactive response to handle sophisticated security attacks. The days of merely a few cyberattacks against commercial companies are long gone. New-age security solutions have entered the market as the taxonomy of cyberattacks grows. One of the modern security solutions that aid corporate companies in protecting their software systems is the AIOPs-enabled SIEM solution.

Understanding SIEM Security information and event management, or SIEM, assists enterprises in identifying security concerns before affecting their services' dependability and availability. For IT infrastructure security, enterprises used to execute SIM and SEM separately before SIEM. To provide real-time analysis of security risks occurring within the IT infrastructure, SIEM integrates SIM and SEM. In addition to storing log data, SIEM also creates compliance documentation. Business companies can purchase SIEM as managed services and software. SIEM is now more than simply a log management solution, as it has developed over time. The power of SIEM is being tapped by enterprises with cutting-edge technologies like ML and AI. Most businesses are now aware of how crucial monitoring tools for AI data analytics are to fend off sophisticated cyber threats. Numerous businesses have already begun implementing AI-based SIEM solutions for UEBA (User & Entity Behavior Analytics). An AI-based SIEM solution can assist you with everything from handling sophisticated cyber threats to complying with regulations. With the aid of AIOps, many SIEM procedures—including threat response and threat detection—are being automated. Not to mention, AIOps-enabled SIEM solutions increase overall service availability. Challenges Associated with SIEM Why did AIOps needs to exist when SIEM products already provide real-time analytics? First, the intricacy of constantly changing security threats was too much for standard SIEM solutions. Because of this, suppliers and security professionals saw the need to enhance it with AIOps. Service availability increased noticeably when SIEM systems were enhanced with AIOps. Additionally, an enterprise might use AI application monitoring to engage in proactive threat management. Finally, resolving complicated security issues took less time when SIEM and AIOps were integrated. Following are a few issues with conventional SIEM technologies that lead to the development of AIOps-enabled SIEM solutions.

  1. Event correlation is crucial for spotting trends that can jeopardize the IT infrastructure's security. Events over a brief period were correlated using traditional SIEM solutions. Traditional SIEM solutions, for instance, only connected events for up to a week. As a result, patterns that potentially affect security could not be found since SIEM could not correlate security events over a longer time frame.
  2. When considering big data sets, traditional SIEM solutions could not detect threats. As a result, legacy SIEM solutions may have strengthened the monitoring procedure if threat intelligence feeds had been provided.
  3. SIEM will give you a vast amount of monitoring data because it is a log management solution. However, traditional SIEM solutions could not distinguish the noise from the monitoring data. As a result, IT professionals spend more time locating the security threats that have the biggest effects on service availability due to increased noise.
  4. As the IT infrastructure expands, the organizations' security experiences an increasing number of blind spots. The cybersecurity blind spots were difficult for traditional SIEM systems to spot in time. Blind spots that go unchecked for an extended period provide the ideal entry period for hackers into the IT infrastructure of a business
  5. Large amounts of unrelated data are made available to security and compliance teams by traditional SIEM solutions. Finding patterns manually from the log data via event correlation is taxing. In addition, future cyber issues cannot be predicted as massive volumes of log data cannot be analyzed by standard SIEM technologies to detect trends.

Benefits of AIOps enabled SIEM. Regardless of the size of your organization, AIOps-based SIEM may assist you in securing your IT infrastructure and all associated hardware and software. In addition, real-time user monitoring technologies make it easier to spot unusual user behavior. Some benefits of implementing an AIOps-enabled SIEM solution include the following.

  1. An AIOps SIEM solution will continuously monitor the IT infrastructure. As a result, any security threat can be detected instantly, and the MTTD (Mean Time to Discover) of security hazards can be lowered. As a result, you can address security concerns more quickly and improve service availability with a marked reduction in MTTD.
  2. A company must adhere to data reporting and upkeep compliance standards. You may streamline the data collecting and analysis process using an AIOps SIEM solution. The collecting and reporting log data will require fewer internal resources if an AIOps-based analytics platform is employed.
  3. Some SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) features are available on SIEM platforms with AIOps support. An analytics platform built on AIOps can detect security concerns and address security threats.
  4. With an AIOps-enabled SIEM solution, you can gather information about user behavior from all connected devices, endpoints, and applications. You will be given a unified and centralized view of the log data from many linked devices and software systems thanks to AIOps.
  5. AIOps can access historical log data during event correlation. It aids in spotting trends that raise security issues. Unseen cyber dangers can be found with an AIOps-enabled SIEM system. Implementing an AIOps-enabled SIEM solution may create a long-term security solution for your IT infrastructure. In addition, you could raise service availability by using an AIOps-enabled SIEM solution. To learn more about AIOps, please visit the Algomox AIOps platform page.

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