GCP CloudOps with AIOps.

May 3, 2022. By Anil Abraham Kuriakose

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GCP CloudOps with AIOps

Introduction to GCP Cloud Operations The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is one of the leading providers of cloud-based services. GCP is the third most popular cloud computing service provider, after Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). GCP offers more than 100 services that are relevant for computation, database & storage, networking, and other specialized tasks.

The GCP offers a comprehensive list of services for conducting and performing IT operations for a business. Organizations that deal with large datasets require robust infrastructure for monitoring, managing, and improving their operations. GCP cloud operations is an integrated solution between GCP service management with a vendor-agnostic AIOps platform.

Challenges faced in GCP Cloud Operations The world of Information Technology has observed rapid advancements in the past few years. The speed, computational power, and complexity of IT operations of large businesses have increased exponentially. Unfortunately, employees struggle to keep up with the IT systems that are currently operational. The GCP offers a wide array of technologies that organizations utilize. Unfortunately, managing these technologies can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. This creates a few challenges that hinder IT operations functioning on the Google Cloud Platform.

Some of the main challenges faced in GCP operations are: 1.Observing fast-paced structured and unstructured data streams simultaneously is challenging. Deriving insights from big data related to GCP CloudOps is tough. 2.Running analytics and managing data across databases effectively is difficult. 3.Detecting faults, anomalies, and incidents in large-scale IT systems is time-consuming. 4.It is difficult to keep track of a large number of changes, updates, and upgrades in development operations (DevOps) 5.Building and deploying models and scaling them is a major challenge in GCP ops. 6.Managing onboarding, training, and other aspects of employment of a large team of GCP admins and developers is tough, labor-intensive, and costly.

What is AIOps for Google Cloud? AIOps for Google Cloud is a suite of tools that combine technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Cloud Computing to simplify the tasks of IT professionals. The AIOps tools primarily enhance and perform four tasks for IT operation: 1.AIOps allows IT professionals to automatically observe the analytics, events, and logs of cloud-based IT systems. 2.AIOps enables IT support teams to engage, interact, and resolve issues in an automated fashion. 3.AI-based Google Cloud Ops tools help automate patch installation, request fulfillment, cloud service provisioning, and other IT operations. 4.AIOps also allow the automation of governance models and add end-to-end visibility for better management of IT organizations.

How AI-based Observability improves the Google Cloud Operation. IT systems commissioned through the Google Cloud require monitoring, data collection, and processing. The Observability of GCP primarily depends on monitoring log data, traffic data, and KPI analytics. Algomox Cognitive Observe Manager (COM) uses deep learning techniques to process analytical data to improve anomaly detection. AI-based Observability ensures faster anomaly detection and incident recognition. As the time and efforts required for detection are reduced, visibility across IT processes is improved. It also helps carry out remediation effectively and ultimately prevent and reduce downtimes.

How Cloud Automation can be improved with AIOps: AIOps has the following benefits for Cloud Automation: 1.AIOps improve productivity and reliability of cloud automation 2.AIOps reduces Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR) of cloud services 3.AIOps enhances the functionality and manages insights into cloud automation 4.AIOps offers faster detection of issues within cloud automation. 5.AIOps provides continuous optimization and intelligent decision-making.

How Cloud Governance and Compliances can be improved with AIOps New age organizations need to constantly evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of their IT operations. Cloud governance with AIOps helps for continuous management of all aspects of the organization. AIOps allows C-suite managers to correlate KPIs with business goals, costs, security, and usage and maintain the IT operations of the business. AIOps ensure proper monitoring and maintenance of IT assets. AIOps also help scale IT operations and assets to match the changing demands of the business. AIOps also automate IT processes to ensure that benchmark compliance requirements are maintained.

How FinOps and AIOps work together? FinOps or Cloud Financial Operations integrates the financial aspect of cloud operations with the variable utilization of cloud services. FinOps enables better financial control of costs incurred by various departments for their respective usage of cloud services. AIOps offers better visibility and dynamic allocation of cloud services to individual departments. AIOps evaluates the requirements to determine the right size of cloud computing for FinOps. AIOps also improves IT operations by automatically assessing quality, costs, efficiency, and targets. Algomox ensures efficient management of the financials of cloud computing by designing customized AIOps solutions for your business. Algomox is an industry leader in providing high-quality managed CloudOps services for businesses.Visit the Algomox CloudOps page to learn more about managed cloud IT operations solutions by Algomox.

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