How to choose an AIOps Platform.

Apr 7, 2021. By Aleena Mathew

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How to choose an AIOps Platform

IT operations marked tremendous growth with the upcome of the digital era. With this digital transformation embarked the adoption of Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations(AIOps). The benefits AIOps posse for the IT industry were extensive, and this lead to widespread adoption. The digital transformation and AIOps helped in improving the entire IT operations to a next new level. This adoption helped in enhancing the end-user interactions, which eventually helped in improving the business. Therefore, AIOps considered becoming a leading factor for business growth. Gartner predicts that large enterprises' exclusive use of AIOps [artificial intelligence for IT operations] and digital experience monitoring tools will rise from 5 percent in 2018 to 30 percent in 2023. And that is a significant change. This adoption rate proves the potential benefits AIOps holds for the IT industry.

Benefits of AIOps:

AIOps is the combination of machine learning and data science to IT operations. This application helps in automating most of the IT tasks/problems done manually. Let's see some of the significant benefits AIOps marked in the IT industry. In traditional systems, one concern faced by the IT operators was in resolving the IT issues or IT tickets that occurred in the system. The IT operators were bundled up with IT tickets, and they found it hard to fix them on time. This just increased the MTTR of the system. The AI-based models helped in identifying the issues and automatically resolving them by the mechanism of auto-remediation or auto-fulfillment. This helped to reduce the MTTR. Also, resource utilization was at its peak, and this increases the cost of operations. There was no factor of cost optimization, and this affected the business growth. AIOps enabled the handling of resource and capacity planning effectively. All underutilized resources were handled and freed up by the models. In this way, the cost of operations was reduced. Along with that, event correlation and analysis, availability and performance monitoring, and IT service automation and management are some other of the major benefits of AIOps.

With all these benefits and potential in hand, the AIOps platform has diversified. This diversity brought a scenario where the availability and choice of the AIOps platform increased. So the next question was how to choose the right AIOps platform. There are so many AIOps tools available in the market that choosing the right one may be overwhelming. All CIOs/IT leaders are tempted to use AIOps but do not want to risk wasting time and money by making the wrong choice. In this blog, we point out certain criteria to check for choosing the right platform.

Choosing the right AIOps Platform:

ITOps automation is every CIO's/ IT leader's fundamental goal. For this goal achievement, there is a wide variety of AIOps platforms available. But choosing the right platform for the successful implementation was a big concern. Here are some points listed that need to be taken note of before choosing an AIOps platform.

1.Observability to the next level:

Observability became a buzzword along with the generation of AIOps. Traditional monitoring tools no longer came into support or use with the evolvement of the digital era and relying on them will just inquire into more loss. That's where the AI-based observability came into the picture. Understanding the real potential of AI-based observability was a key factor. So what AI in observability benefit IT? Observability helps in ingesting every IT data and providing proper inference from them. In this way, data can be managed effectively, and a proactive mechanism of identifying alerts is established. The need for IT operators to spend time on unwanted issues can be avoided and can free them to work on more important activities. Therefore, choosing AIOps with the right potential observability is a major factor.

2.AI-driven Decision Making:

Making the right decision is a key success factor in any IT organization. One wrong decision made can cost you a fortune. Manually stepping in and taking decisions can at times be correct, but not always. That's where the implementation of AIOps comes into the picture. AI-based models or systems are highly capable of taking decisions on their own. In this way, the system is made sure that no wrong decision is made and AI-based models will handle everything.

3.Leveraging the true capacity of IT automation:

Traditional IT systems will not be able to cope with the current changes or digital era. AIOps and AI-enabled systems are the right solutions here. AI-based systems help in leveraging the true capacity of IT automation. IT automation helps in automating most of the manually done IT activities. The AI-based models are highly capable of processing every IT ticket and resolving them automatically by the process of auto-remediation and auto-fulfillment. Moreover, every L1 helpdesk activity can be automated by the use of virtual agents. In this way, there is no need for IT operators to do lean night shifts. AIOps promises the true automation of IT operation and choosing the platform that provides this automation is the right need.

4.ROI with the implementation of AIOps:

The benefits AIOps poses for IT organization is massive and with that most It leaders will move forward with the adoption. But what about the ROI?The efficiency AIOps provides for the organization will itself cover the ROI. Most AIOps platforms have quick ROI-usually less than six months. AIOps enables the true power of IT automation which eventually helps in saving time and cost.

5.AI to reduce the IT complexity:

With the evolvement of the digital era, the complexity of the IT systems started to multi-fold. The use of more cloud-based architecture came into the picture, and all of these added to the complexity of the system. The implementation of AIOps helped to drastically reduce IT complexity. The IT system observability and resource handling was carried out by AI-based systems. AI systems helped in pro-actively altering the IT operators in case of any unknown issues/events. Every IT ticket was handled effectively without getting breached. IT operators did not need to worry about the IT complexity anymore.

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