Automated Outlook Support with AIOps Outlook SRE.

Mar 2, 2023. By Jishnu T Jojo

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`Automated Outlook Support with AIOps Outlook SRE

Today, Microsoft Outlook is the most common email communication platform businesses use. Outlook is a crucial corporate tool, but it also demands constant monitoring and management of user incoming and outgoing messages. In addition, due to employees spending a large portion of their core hours handling email and communications, Outlook issues must be fixed quickly. So, how much of your Outlook work might be automated and streamlined to be more beneficial for your daily operations? Typical Outlook Problems No matter how well-developed add-ins are, there will always be the occasional Outlook issue that doesn't go away or might not even be related to add-ins. However, it is essential to many businesses, so when it fails, it causes problems that are usually expensive and extremely frustrating. For example, outlook problems could cause limiting mailbox access and interfere with email conversations. Let's examine some of the typical viewpoint problems. Key Challenges & Solutions 1. Login Issue Several issues may cause the outlook login failure. First, you lose access to your email because of the sign-in problem. You will be able to complete your work if you can sign in. We should first identify the sources of the problem before looking at potential solutions. The common login issues are (1) Firewall miss configurations, (2) dysfunctional browsers, (3) AD server issues, or (4) exchange server down. Solutions: (a) Uninstall your email account and Outlook profile: If an Outlook email problem exists, an Outlook sign-in error happens. To resolve the issue, you must find the affected profile or email account, delete it, and add it again. (b) Delete the Outlook key from the registry: The Outlook key must be removed to resolve the login issue. (c) Give Exchange permission to set up your account: The issue can be fixed by allowing Exchange to configure your Outlook account. When you operate in manual mode, it could go wrong. 2. Outlook Performance Issue When the latest patches and upgrades are not installed, Outlook may run slowly. Using an out-of-date app version can compromise security and performance. In addition, Outlook's poor performance may be caused by a faulty or damaged Outlook profile and third-party conflicts, typically from installed antivirus. The size of the email or its attachments, Your network's lag, Problems with virus/spam scanner backup, and Recipient or sender client delays are the common issues with outlook performance. Solutions (a) The Send/Receive Frequency Can Be Changed: Changing Outlook's Send/Receive schedule frequently leads to increased performance. For example, you can set Outlook to send and receive emails more often if your inbox fills slowly. This will reduce the amount of data Outlook needs to download each time it searches for new emails. (b)Turn off RSS feeds: If you sync a lot of RSS feeds with Outlook, these synchronization operations could cause Outlook to bog down. 3. Unhandled Rejection You may be unable to view your emails due to the Outlook error 500, which is typically brought on by a corrupt cache. Reinstalling the software could be required because a poor installation can also result in this problem. Make sure your network is functioning properly because a bad Internet connection may be the source of this problem. Solutions (a)Look into the service's state: If you encounter Outlook error 500, first check the health of the service. If Microsoft's end of the service is down, you won't be able to resolve the issue. You should evaluate the service's condition to see whether you should pursue alternate solutions. (b)Open Outlook Web Access for users: Try this fix if you experience the Protocol disabled warning while utilizing Outlook's Web client. You cannot use the Outlook Web version if the administrator has restricted access to Outlook email. 4. Outlook is not opening / Outlook is not responding The "Outlook continues not responding" error is one of the most prevalent issues users encounter. This message frequently appears when Windows cannot communicate with software running on your computer quickly enough. Some of the reasons for Outlook not responding are most recent updates are not yet deployed, another process is using Outlook, and External material may be loaded in Outlook. Solutions (a)Restoring damaged Outlook data files: Your email correspondence, tasks, contacts, and events are all stored in data files. Outlook may not open because the data file is broken. (b)Remove the Outlook App Data folder: Your email correspondence, tasks, contacts, and events are all stored in data files. Outlook may not open because the data file is broken. 5. Search Is Not Working The search tool in Outlook is one of the capabilities that may stop functioning. Your workflow is affected by Outlook's broken search feature. It makes it harder to track down message senders and recipients. Some of the reasons for Outlook is not working is, Outlook search is not showing all search results, Outlook fails to return the result, the search does not find any matches, and the search tab turns black/gray (not working) Solutions (a)Use the menu item for Outlook Index Repair: The second menu option for adjusting the Outlook index can be found if you know where to look. After opening Outlook, select File > Options > Search. After that, select Advanced and then Indexing Options. (b)See the Outlook index locations: Next, confirm that Outlook is included among the indexed sites. In Outlook, go to File > Options > Search > Indexing Settings. Choose Modify from the Indexing Options window. Click OK after making sure Microsoft Outlook is chosen. (c)Updates should be made to Microsoft Office 2019/Office 2021: When did you last update your Office program? For example, you can fix your Outlook search issues by updating Office to the most recent version. 6. Password Reset Outlook's Password Verification Trouble is just one of several issues. After you input the password for the Outlook app, Outlook will repeatedly ask for a password. Furthermore, Outlook will keep requesting the password even after you have reset your password, which puts you in a difficult situation. Solution (a)The password gets rid of the cached: Outlook has a propensity to continually ask you for a password if the login information for your Windows profile has been kept is wrong. Thus, clear the login information stored on your PC as cached passwords. (b)Disable add-ins and launch Outlook in safe mode: Unlike operating Windows in safe mode, you can launch Outlook in this mode. 7. Office 365 Activation Your Office 365 offline installation may still be in a trial or unlicensed state. In addition, whenever you attempt to activate Office 365, an error notice appears. Some reasons why MS office outlook is not working are signing in with a different account, your Microsoft 365 subscription being over, Microsoft Office needing to be updated, and so on. Solution (a)Assign a valid Office 365 subscription through the official portal: It is necessary to have an active Office 365 subscription for the user account you want to activate Office 365 for. (b)Remove registered Office installations from the Office portal: Occasionally, when a user's subscription changes, there is a problem. A device's name is registered each time a user initiates an Office 365 installation. It could be necessary to delete previous registrations. 8. Outlook is working slowly Outlook will always be challenging for us to use. Outlook may slow down or perhaps stop working altogether. Waiting a few minutes to open Outlook is irritating enough. When you use Outlook frequently, delays could build up and cause missed productivity. Some reasons for Outlook getting slow are the size of the email or its attachments, your network's lag, problems with virus/spam scanner backup and recipient or sender client delays, and many more. Solution (a)Launch Safe Mode on Outlook: The first step in troubleshooting Microsoft Outlook is to launch it in safe mode. Outlook will only load the components required to carry out fundamental functions when this mode is activated. (b)Switch on Auto Archive: You might already have many critical emails that you can't erase after many years of use. Unfortunately, when Outlook launches, they will be loaded. To reclaim your lost performance, you must manage outdated emails. 9. Send or Receive Error 0x80040600 Have you ever encountered the problem code 0x80040600 in Outlook? A user may frequently see the Outlook error code 0x80040600 when sending and receiving emails. Unfortunately, you cannot access Outlook files and folders when it happens. Some reasons for send or receive errors are improper Outlook shutdown, virus assault, power outage and disk damage, and more. Solution (a)Start the ScanPST.EXE tool: The first cure I want to suggest for this Outlook error 0x80040600 is to use the Scanpst.exe function that comes built with Outlook. To pinpoint the precise issue location on your Outlook program, this tool works brilliantly. So you don't have to search through your entire mailbox. (b)Transfer All Outlook Data to a new PST File: The following steps should be taken to create a new Outlook data file: Outlook > File > New Items > Outlook data file (.pst). 10. Error 0x800CCC13 It has been noted that many Outlook users have reported having trouble sending emails. These problems are typically experienced when the email server settings are incorrectly set up. Even though the email server settings were correct in this situation, it was discovered problems when using Outlook to send emails. Some common reasons are connectivity problems, incompatible add-ons, malware incursion, and damaged drives. Solution (a)Use the Windows System Checker: Most Windows versions come with a utility called Windows System File Checker, or SFC. It is a reliable utility for fixing damaged system files in your Windows installation. (b)By taking off the Outlook Add-in: An add-in is a function that carries out several tasks that Outlook may not always offer. The toggling between several features can occasionally slow down the remainder of Outlook due to network latency. To handle the above issues better and provide a better state for email, we need to overdraw Microsoft Outlook with automation. To learn more about automation, please visit our AIOps platform page.

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