Build your enterprise AI with cloud native AI solutions.

Artificial intelligence (AI) applications use cognitive models to solve complex problems & automate repetitive tasks in your organization. If you develop these applications with the right architecture and specifications, then it helps you to reduce operational costs, and improve the profitability of your business. To learn more, download our AI application architecture white paper.

AI Applications

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Build best in class artificial intelligent applications and solutions using a cloud native microservices architecture.

Data wrangling and integration
Develop automated program modules or application components to deal with unstructured, and complex data through highly intelligent feature engineering and deep feature synthesis techniques.

Machine learning model development for AI applications and AI solutions
Develop best in class models and applications for machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, transfer learning, vision/image processing, and natural language processing and specific uses cases.

Machine learning model training and testing
The accuracy of the machine learning and deep learning model are dependent on how much we have trained the model. It is required to design and develop models with performance and accuracy in mind.

Develop recommender systems
Design and development of different types of recommendation engines based on collaborative filtering, content-based filtering, hybrid models, and deep learning based models.

Develop computer vision models and applications
Design and development of different types of computer vision applications including semantic segmentation, image classification, object detection, image generation, and POS estimation.

Conversational AI, cognitive agent, natural language processing, and chatbot development
Able to develop deep learning based bots and powerful cognitive conversation services that can be easily integrated with your enterprise conversation systems.

Migrate and modernize legacy applications to cloud native AI
Help you analyze, modernize and migrate your legacy analytic application from old architecture to new cloud native and microservices architecture.

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AI Solutions