Manage your IT with AI defined infrastructure.

Algomox artificial intelligence-based technology enables you to be abstract your IT infrastructure components as code, and optimize your Infrastructure for the dynamic workload. To learn more, download our AI defined infrastructure white paper.

AI defined infrastructure

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The AI defined Infrastructure (ADI) allow you to automate the planning, building, optimizing, and running the IT infrastructure most efficiently.
Infrastructure as Code
Abstract and generate your IT infrastructure as code using AI technology.

Infrastructure demand forecasting
Analyze and forecast infrastructure requirements and plan accordingly to meet the demand.

Optimize Infrastructure usage for workload requirements
Optimize the resources as per the workload requirements, De-allocate resources that are no longer needed.

Map the run time behavior of the Infrastructure
Analyze KPIs, events, and logs to understand and predict the IT infrastructure behavior, anomalies, and find out the most optimum quality parameters.

Automate the support and service management
Build knowledge graph, action agents, reinforcement learning-based models for auto remediations and cognitive engagement agents.

Service Methodology

Managed AI defined infrastructure