Manage your IT Operations with Algomox AIOps.

Algomox uses advanced artificial intelligence techniques to enhance the efficiency of IT operations and adopt a predictive approach towards monitoring, service management, and automation. The Algorithmic IT Operations (AIOps) methodology helps you to make better decisions, automate different IT process, proactively manage and reduce the cost of IT operations. To learn more, download our AIOps white paper.


How can we help you?

Our AI-based system Observe your IT environment, Engage with your IT users, and Act on your incidents using advanced AI techniques.
Observe the health of a wide variety of hybrid IT infrastructure elements, applications, and business services with AIOps
Collect structured and unstructured data, including KPIs, Logs, and Traces from different IT sources and apply AI-based dynamic thresholding and anomaly detection, and complex event processing techniques to create meaningful insights and root cause incidents.

Setup seamless and automated engage AIOps process for IT support and service requirements.
Knowledge graph and cognitive agent-based IT support and service engagements help to improve IT support and service quality, turn around time, and customer satisfaction. Also, automate the L1 and helpdesk activities to scale 24x7 operations.

Helps to maximize the potential of your IT organization with AIOps Service Analytics
AI-driven service analytics helps you to extract data from your service management processes into crucial insights. Our comprehensive AI-driven services and platforms help you to optimize your IT service operations and maximize the potential of your IT organization.

Advanced AI-based IT automation and problem remediation
Cognitive Automation based on deep reinforcement and knowledge graph enables you to automatically identify the right steps to solve the IT problem and automatically execute those steps in the correct order to remediate the problem.

Service Methodology

Managed AIOps