Transform your financial services with AI.

Algomox banking, financial services, and insurance solutions enable, banks, insurance companies, and the financial services companies, to deliver an excellent customer experience and efficient operations.

BFSI Solutions

For Banking, financial institutions, and the insurance sector, it is a certain amount of artificial intelligence adoption is an essential requisite to get their business to the next level. The key benefit considerations in your AI business case are risk mitigation, cost reduction, and increased revenue through improved customer experience.

AI Transformation Business case & Usecases.

Investing in AI is undoubtedly a winning strategy, as the Financial institutions that embrace AI have an opportunity to generate new business value and better engage with their customers. Financial institutions with stronger digital capabilities will always be better at driving revenue with available resources.

Driving Revenue
Acquiring targeted customers.
Customer retention and inhibiting churn.
59 %


Cost Cutting
Automation to improve accuracy.
Prescriptive models for efficient decision making.
54 %


Risk Mitigation
No bias - Data and algorithm driven models.
Better risk insights and prediction.
60 %


Regulatory Compliance
Discriminatory power of AI models.
Accurate compliance report generation.
62 %


Targeted Deposit Campaign Model

Marketing model for bank deposit campaign

Customer Churn Analysis Model

Marketing model for predicting customer churn

Anti Money Laundering

Model for detecting money laundering activities

Credit Card Approval

Automated process of credit card application processing and approval

Credit Risk Analysis

Predicting the credit score and analyzing the credit risk

Loan Default Prediction

Model for predicting loan default

Regulatory Return Automation

Using Natural Language Generation to automate the regulatory return preparation

Customer Segmentation based on LTV

Model for predicting and segmenting the lifetime value of a customer

Claim Prediction

Predicting the correct claim amount

Product Recommendation

Improving the cross-selling opportunity through product recommendation

E-KYC and Compliance

Model for complying with regulatory norms and E-KYC

Insurance claim approval

Automated analysis and approval of insurance claim

Fraudulent Transaction Identification

Model for Identifying fraudulent transactions

Stock Trading and Quant Models

Time series model for stock predictions

Buy-side report generation

Automatically generate reports for buy-side investors

Vehicle Damage Detection

Assess vehicle damage for insurance claim

Trade matching and Trade failure prediction

Manage your trade settlement process and failures

Optimal Pricing and Conversion

Optimizing the insurance premium prices

Sell-side advisory report generation

Automatically generating the reports for sell-side stock buyers

Customer Grievances Management

Classify and prioritize customer grievances

Currency Note Authentication

Automatically spot the fake notes

ATM Surveillance

Check ATM activities through video analytics

Intelligent Hiring

Improve the efficiency of the hiring process through automation

Virtual sales assistants

Enable the sales team through better sales inputs

Prudent and faster Underwriting

Accelerate the underwriting process very effectively

Customer Sentiment Analysis

Decode customer sentiments based on voice calls

Intelligent speech to text and audio matching

Automated cross-checking of application content

Multilingual digital onboarding

Improve the customer experience through the onboarding

Robo Advisors

Scaleout with automated investment management service

E2E digital invoicing and payout process

Automating the billing process including payout


Managing your IT operations with AI


Protect your IT environment with advanced threat hunting models.