Omni-channel Engagement

The platform provides the capability of omni-channel engagement that enables multi-channel communication including web, chat, email, and voice for users. With the capability of AIOps, it helps in achieving deeper insights into all incoming user queries and resolve them automatically, maintaining the SLA.

AI-based omni-channel engagement

AI solutions leverage the capability of enabling users to engage using multiple channels for assistance. This enables serving customers by issuing requests through an omnichannel interface and remediating or fulfilling their requests.

Benefits of Omni-channel Engagement

End-User driven Remediation

Based on the user request, AI-based models are capable of processing the request and then performing auto-remediation or auto-fulfillment to resolve the ticket. Based on the issue automatically a workflow will be executed.

Automatic remediation of IT tickets

Enhanced User Experience

Omni channel engagement enables users to engage using multiple channels. This eventually improved the user experience as users have multiple methods to request their queries and get their request processed faster.

Improved user experience

Better compliance with SLA

With AI-based models in place, automated initialization of workflows can be made. This ensures the automatic remediation and fulfillment of IT tickets and reduces the meantime to repair.

Better compliance with SLA
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