AI-Driven Auto Fulfillment

Enabling AI-based models to capture every service request issued by the IT users and automatically executing workflows to automatically fulfil the request without the intervention of manual operators.

AI-Driven Auto Fulfillment

AI-driven auto-fulfilment is built on machine learning and deep learning techniques that is capable of automatically understanding the user request and performing necessary action using reinforcement learning methods.

Benefits of AI-Driven Auto Fulfilment

Maintained SLA and avoid Escalation

Every service request issued by the user comes with a service level agreement(SLA). The AI-based models implemented will enable in automatically resolving the IT service requests issued by the user. This will ensure that no SLA is getting violated and no ticket gets escalated.

Mainained SLA and no escalation

Zero-manual touch operation

With the implementation of AI based models, every activities can now be automated. The AI-based system are capable of handling the IT service requests and automatically fulfilling them without the help of any manual operators. In this way, IT operators are free from doing 24x7 work and focus on strategic activities.

Zero touch operation

Improved Productivity and User Satisfaction

AI-driven auto-fulfilment enabled in improving the productivity of the entire IT operations team. With the enablement of automation, most service requests issued where handled by AI-based system. This enabled the effective prioritization of IT tickets and auto-fulfilment of requests. Thus ensuring the improved productivity of the entire IT organization.

High productivity and user satisfaction
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