AI-Driven Auto Remediation

IT operations teams have to manage incidents from many domain contexts. ITOps teams are constantly overwhelmed even with the use of script-based automation tools to remediate incidents. AI, on the other hand, can use intelligent models to remediate incidents and learn from users to become better over time.

AI-Driven Auto Remediation

AI-Driven Auto Remediation uses deep reinforcement learning technology to capture the different states of a system and learns the best actions to take to resolve the situation. It can be trained using audit trails and system logs and can be set up to learn from operators in action. This allows creating models that power open-ended workflows that can handle complex problems and reduce burden on operations teams.

Benefits of AI-Driven Auto Remediation

Lower MTTRs

Auto-remediation can resolve incidents in fractions of seconds whereas an operator has to work through the entire chain of resolution steps after consulting organizational SOP documents. Moreover, they can resolve incidents across hundreds of different systems after learning the solution from a single incident. By using automation, ITOps teams can cut down on their monumental workload and resolve incidents faster leading to better performance KPIs across the organization.

 Lower MTTRs

Optimal ITOps Usage

Large enterprises frequently deal with thousands of incidents each day. Each of these incidents have to be handled through the whole chain of Identification, Debugging, Resolution and Problem Management activities. All actions taken by remediation teams have to be documented and evaluated for future usage. By letting AI handle all these aspects for low-level incidents, Incident Management teams and operations teams can focus on high-priority incidents that have no previous precedents or easy fixes. This optimizes the utilization of your ITOps teams and enables them to create more value for your enterprise.

Optimal IT operations usage

Experience Retention

ITOps success is defined by the expertise of the people working to solve problems. However, it is rare to have an employee permanently be a part of your enterprise. This loss of quality employees can be mitigated with AI. AI tools that learn from employee actions also learn their experience in handling incidents. Retain the experience of your best employees and reduce the effect of attrition by letting AI act by learning from your best ITOps teams.

Enhanced Experience Retention
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