AI-Driven Patch Automation

AI-driven patch management enables you to automate your entire application version change management. This automation is made possible with the use of advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Also, AI models help in the automatic analysis of patch risk and carry out the complete life-cycle of each version release.

AI-Driven Patch Automation

AI-driven patch automation enables automatically detecting patches, testing, and automatically deploy them across thousands of systems in minutes. This methodology helps in reducing the need for having many IT operations staff work on patch management with high efficiency.

Benefits of AI-based Patch Automation

Automated Discovery of Patch Release

AI-driven patch management helps in automatically identifying new patch or application release with the help of AI-models. Based on this automated discovery of the new patch, the new version update will take place across all servers and applications.

Discovery of new Patch Release

Automated Risk Assessment and Change Management

The process of calculating the risk of updating a new patch is automatically carried out by an AI system. A risk score will be calculated on which IT operators can identify the risk on installing the version change. Based on the risk score and approval and if the patch is compatible, an automated change management process will be carried out.

Automated Risk assessment and change management

Low-Touch Patch Automation

Any new patch which needs to be installed moves through many stages before being installed by manual operators. These are time-consuming tasks. With the help of AIOps, the automated patch management process is made possible. The different stages of patch updation is carried out by the help of AI-models. In this way, IT operators are free from the manual process of patch identification, testing and deployment. This ensure error free installation across all systems.

Low-Touch Patch Automation
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