Serverless Observability

Serverless computing enables providing backend as a service(BaaS). This allows IT team to write and deploy code in a highly distributed fashion without worrying about the underlying application infrastructure. This demands for more advanced management systems for these applications, lambdas, and functions(FaaS). AI-based serverless observability is the right solution for this problem.

Serverless Observability

AIOps platform enables in providing serverless observability to all your serverless applications and efficiently collect and correlate multiple metrics such as logs and distributed traces together and identify insights from them using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence technology.

Benefits of Serverless Observability

Complete Visibility using Distributed Tracing

Serverless observability enables in proving a single pane of glass monitoring for the entire serverless applications. This enables in collecting every traces and analysis of these traces to identify unknown issues, application errors and proactively alert the IT team.

Distributed tracing

Automated Event Driven Triaging

Serverless observability enables in performing automated event driven triaging across every application and functions. In this, we can perform cross domain event analysis using advanced artificial intelligence. This analysis helps in capturing every error patterns, container crash event and several such run time and application infrastructure events.

Event Driven Triaging

Automated Incident Recognition

Automated Incident recognition enables in effectively correlating multiple events together and perform automated root cause analysis and detect incidents for further steps to resolve the issue.

Incident Recognition
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