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Experience the full capabilities of Algomox with a no-commitment, 3-day free POC tailored to your top 3 use cases.


With Algomox ITMox, enhance your IT efficiency, reduce downtimes, and improve security posture.


A tailored POC allows you to see the immediate value Algomox ITMox brings to your specific environment.


3 days focusing on your choice of top 3 use cases.

Algomox ITMox Use cases


Integrated NOC and SOC Use Cases






Hybrid ITOps




L1 Support and Automation


A POC with Algomox ITMox is a trial deployment of our software in your environment/Algomox.Cloud-based instance that allows you to evaluate its capabilities. Over three days, you can explore three top use cases specific to your business needs based on your priority.

The POC aims to demonstrate the effectiveness of Algomox ITMox in enhancing your IT operations. Expected outcomes include improved operational visibility, streamlined incident management, and actionable insights into performance and security improvements.

Yes, the POC is tailored to address your top three use cases. Our team works closely with you during the setup process to understand your priorities and customize the POC accordingly.

The POC is offered at no cost and with no obligation to purchase. It's designed to provide firsthand experience of Algomox ITMox's capabilities.

Technical requirements vary based on the specific use cases and your IT infrastructure. Generally, you'll need access to the systems or applications you wish to monitor or manage with Algomox ITMox. Our team will provide a detailed list of requirements before starting the POC.

Data security is our top priority. All data collected during the POC is protected with industry-standard practices. Additionally, we adhere to strict data privacy regulations to ensure your information is securely managed.

To qualify for a POC, please fill out the request form on our website. Our team will review your application to ensure our solution aligns with your business requirements and technical infrastructure. We may contact you for additional information during this process.

Our team will email you after you register for a Proof of Concept (POC) with Algomox ITMox. You will receive a comprehensive package including:
  • Prerequisites: Details on the technical and organizational requirements to ensure a smooth POC setup.
  • POC Guide: A step-by-step guide tailored to help you navigate the POC process, highlighting how to use Algomox ITMox for your selected use cases effectively.
  • Platform User Guide: In-depth documentation on navigating and utilizing the Algomox ITMox platform ensures you can maximize your POC experience.
  • Dedicated Support: An assigned engineer will be available to provide personalized support throughout the POC duration, assisting with setup, deployment, and any queries you may have.

Our team endeavors to provide you access to the POC instance quickly. Typically, you can expect to receive all necessary information and access within 72 hours of your registration. This allows us to ensure that everything is tailored to your specific use cases and that you have the best possible start.

You will have dedicated support from an Algomox engineer who will assist you throughout the POC period. This support includes help with the initial setup, answering technical questions, and providing insights on maximizing the platform's benefits for your use cases.

Customers have three options for conducting a POC with Algomox ITMox, depending on their preference and infrastructure readiness:
  1. Complete On-Premise POC:
    • Requirements: You must provide 2 Virtual Machines (VMs - CentOS/RHEL 8.x) with specified configurations to install Algomox ITMox software. Also, ensure you have the 2 VMs in the same subnet ready with the required specifications provided by Algomox and that the necessary ports are open.
    • Process: Once the software is installed, you can onboard your devices, servers, and applications relevant to the specific use cases you wish to explore during the POC.
  2. Hybrid Cloud POC:
    • Requirements: For a hybrid cloud POC, ensure you have the network configurations (firewall configuration and required ports open) and permissions to allow remote connections to your devices, servers, and applications. Algomox POC representative will guide you appropriately.
    • Process: Utilize Algomox Software offered as part of Algomox.Cloud. You can remotely (through the internet) onboard your own devices, servers, and applications for the specific use cases.
  3. Fully Hosted on Algomox.Cloud:
    • Requirements: No specific requirement from your side.
    • Process: The POC is conducted entirely on Algomox.Cloud. Algomox will provide virtual devices, servers, and applications that simulate the specific use cases.

  • Complete On-Premise: Best for organizations with strict data residency or security requirements that prefer testing within their environment.
  • Hybrid Cloud: Offers flexibility for companies looking to test the software with their data and systems but want to minimize on-prem infrastructure changes or setup.
  • Fully Hosted on Algomox.Cloud: Ideal for quick setup and organizations that want to test the software capabilities without involving their infrastructure.

Switching modes during the POC is not possible.

To ensure a focused and practical evaluation, the POC is limited to a maximum of 3 days and will concentrate on up to 3 use cases of your choice. This structure is designed to provide you with a clear understanding of how Algomox ITMox can address your most pressing IT operations challenges.

At the end of the POC, we will schedule a review session to discuss your experience, gather feedback, and address any questions. We can discuss the next steps for full implementation based on the outcomes.