AI Driven Enterprise Dashboard, Your AI Based Co-Pilot.

Oct 12, 2022. By Anil Abraham Kuriakose

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AI Driven Enterprise Dashboard, Your AI Based Co-Pilot

Old-fashioned dashboards can be a big quest for CIO or IT leaders to interpret, as they’re not evolved to show proper business outcomes and clearly do not showcase the potential actions. Putting up charts or plotting numbers and displaying them on graphs is the basic trend in old school dashboards. But that wont help in understanding the deep insight of business activities. Most of the CIOs and other IT leaders need data presentation techniques that meet modern expectations. These expectations should be driven from more usable and understandable dashboards, not just numbers that still needs interpretation and deep understanding. Most CIO only need to know or analyze the overall picture, that is, they need dashboards that can answer to questions like :what is happening in their IT organization? Is there any incidents or anomalies that is causing down-time and so on. Most of them needs to get this one single picture in hand to know the proper health of the organization.

CIO and IT leaders are at the forefront of any business organization. Being in the front-line, to manage the business organization, they need to keep a close observation on the performance metrics, that is, the key performance indicators(KPI).The observing and monitoring is easy when it comes to just focus on limited KPI. But the real task is when we need to analyze and monitor huge volumes of KPI. This is the biggest limitation that comes in picture by the use of old school dashboards which just provides some graph and chart information. Much more, these just provide numbers or results which needs to be further analyzed to get a proper predictive result or outcome.

AI Powered Dashboards

That's where AI based dashboards leads the way. The role of AI driven capabilities are vital in these situations. Most C-suite executives need their own dashboards that deliver operational insights. When AI is added to the process, dashboards can demonstrate cause and effect relationships, improve predictive results, and even automate some decision-making processes. AI driven dashboards helps in analysis and provides real time alerting mechanism. With AI capabilities in hand, the decision-making capability is improved as these dashboards provide deep insight into the organizations. Much more provides real time updates and also helps in deep monitoring of performance. More over, it helps in understanding the impact of IT investment decisions on the health and performance of your business. According to a Gartner study, augmented analytics is the leading trend in business intelligence in the year 2020.

Algomox Cognitive Enterprise Dashboard (CED) provides visual representations of sophisticated IT and business metrics to give executives a quick and easy way to view their company's performance in real-time. Algomox CED is an executive dashboard tool that aggregate and displays key performance indicators (KPIs) from IT systems and other business systems to assess various aspects of performance and generate actionable business insights for senior management. Much more, it helps CIO or IT department to map IT investment returns in terms of business value. Lets look into some capabilities Algomox CED provides:

1.Collect metrics from different sources: Able to collect real-time metrics from several types of IT and business tools, databases, and APIs. By this large group of metrics can be collected and brought into one single platform. This helps in the easy management and orchestration of metrics. The C-suite executive can the coordinately combine the need full metrics that they need to view.

2.KPI Catalog: Allow users to build KPI catalogs and derived KPIs with few clicks from existing KPIs or using business value rules. In this way they really don't need to wander for their metrics. Directly pulling the metrics from the catalogue that needs to be viewed in one single click.

3.Composable KPI Dashboard: Able to compose different dashboards for different users, including executive and manager. The need for moving from one interface to another is really resolved by this. One single dashboard provides the entire details you need which enables IT executives to manage their IT environment very affectively .

4.Contextural Visualization: Manage consolidated, contextual, and business views of KPIs with business value propagation model.

5.Predictive Analytics: Using machine learning models to predict the KPI values and business metrics trends which enables the CIO or IT department to map IT investment returns in terms of business value.

AI can upheld the efforts of CIO to deliver insights and predictions that let them adjust organization resources to accommodate business processes and concentrate. This will eventually help them to focus on the highest value projects. With AI capabilities on board CIOs have advantages that they can use detailed process data to augment and enhance business data. Managing data overloads with AI-driven analysis helps everyone understand how IT spending affects business efforts.

To know more about AI based enterprise dashboard, please visit our Algomox Cognitive Enterprise Dashboard Page.

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