Automated IT Ticket Routing with AI.

Jul 19, 2021. By Aleena Mathew

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Automated IT Ticket Routing with AI

Most IT organizations faced tremendous pressure during the evolvement of digital transformation. This transformation caused a lot of change in the business as well as the IT team. This brought in a lot of chaos during the peak time of adoption. The IT operations team became flooded with a bunch of IT tickets which were raised from the end-user side and internally too. It was the IT teams responsibility to resolve all of these tickets without getting escalated. But, the team failed to keep up with the pace. Many IT tickets were issued, and IT operators could not resolve these tickets on time, and most tickets were getting escalated. Customer/ end-users loyalty depends on how well the team is capable of resolving/fulfilling the quires issued. Ticket routing is one strategy where most business and IT teams fail to foresee. Ticket routing is the best game card to play here to resolve the above issues. Lets see this in detail.

What is Ticket Routing?

Ticket routing is the process of setting particular rules for every incoming ticket and routing them to the appropriate IT team/operator. IT operators manually need to route the ticket to the relevant user. For example, if a person faces some challenges with his desktop, they will fill a service request ticket. This ticket will be routed based on the ticket priority, ticket issue, ticket severity, etc. Ticket routing enables efficiently prioritizing incoming tickets and routes them to resolve them within the allotted time frame. This ensures that the SLA is not violated and also no escalation takes place. But this mode of manual ticket routing did not keep the lights on for a very long time. The IT team still faced issues in properly routing the tickets. Manual ticket routing is time-consuming and highly inefficient. Improper or delayed routing leads to bottlenecks, delayed response times, and incorrect allocation of time. This situation needed improvement with the evolution of technology.

Introducing Automated Ticket Routing with AI

Automated ticket routing is a smart and intelligent way to handle IT tickets and route them efficiently. Automated ticket routing uses machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to route tickets to operators automatically. With AI, the ticket classification process is now automated. This enables sorting the incoming tickets based on priority, SLA time frame set, severity, etc. Eventually, a chaotic situation is avoided here. Every ticket filled will be classified by AI analytics and then routed to the appropriate team or IT operator. The SLA set for each ticket issued will be maintained without getting escalated; that is, the response SLA and resolution SLA will be maintained. This automated mechanism works 24/7 in which the need for manual operators to route tickets is unnecessary. With the implementation of AI-based ticket routing, resolving tickets became faster, and productivity improved. With the implementation of AI in ticket routing, the piling up of tickets was resolved. With the help of automation, each ticket issued was automatically resolved or fulfilled. This enabled in saving up operational time and cost. We have now understood the need for automated ticket routing and its benefits. Let's see why ticket routing is important.

Why is Automated Ticket Routing important?

AI-based models can help improve the end-user workflows, enabling faster remediation of the tickets issued. However, we need an automated ticket routing mechanism to classify and route tickets to reach the right operator for this to happen. The importance here is that:

a. Improved Productivity: The system's productivity can be improved if the IT tickets filed fall into the right operator's hand rather than working around it. This workaround leads to a lack of efficiency and chances of errors too. With ticket routing, the right IT operator or team will get the tickets routed. This will enables faster resolving of the tickets.

b. Better user service experience: End-user satisfaction is the key success criteria for any business. With AI-ticket routing, the user experience can be improved as every ticket issued through any channel will be captured and then resolved on a priority basis.

c. No SLA breach and escalation : IT teams capability lies in how fast they can resolve the IT tickets. Without ticket routing, most major tickets will be piled up, leading to SLA violations and later escalation. Automated ticket routing, prioritize tickets based on the severity, SLA time, etc. and then route them to the right operator to resolve them faster.

Automated Ticket Routing to improve ITSM

In this present digital era, most ITSM teams are flooded with IT tickets. The only solution they have is the implementation of AI in automating most of the tasks. One such area is the ticket routing part, which is the automated ticket routing. With this automation, the ITSM team were able to automate most of the helpdesk request filled. AI is expected to increasingly help IT service desks activities, such as predictive analytics for incident management, demand planning, automated ticket routing, and workflow improvement.

To know more about automated ticket routing and how it works, please visit our Cognitive Engagement Console Page.

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