The Top 4 Benefits of AIOps.

Mar 10, 2021. By Anil Abraham Kuriakose

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The Top 4 Benefits of AIOps

The adoption of digital transformation is progressing at a faster pace. The reason for this adoption remains the fact that business operations discovered a tremendous amount of benefit, that is, saving up operational cost and productivity. However, this era of digital transformation will not hold up for long with the legacy monitoring tools. Legacy systems are just capable of analyzing and monitoring if any problem occurred or not. There is a requirement for an advanced mechanism to carry out a thorough analysis of the entire IT operations. That is, ITOps needs the implementation of an IT analytics and automation system. That's where Artificial Intelligence came into the picture.

What is AIOps?

In short and simplistic terms, we can say AIOps as Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations. AIOps represents AI's application into IT operations to enhance and improve the IT team's work efficiency by analyzing and automating IT operations. AIOps refers to a multi-layered technology platform that helps in IT automation by using big data, machine learning (ML), and analytics. With the use of advanced technology, IT automation became a success factor by the implementation of AIOps. The implementation of AIOps helped in automatically collecting and analyzing a large volume of IT data. AIOps was capable of identifying and intelligently alerting any events or anomalies from the IT data collected.

Benefits of AIOps:

We have seen how the implementation of AIOps helps in automating most of the ITOps activities. The adoption of AIOps is widespread. This is due to the benefits AIOps poses for IT organizations. Here are a few significant benefits of AIOps for business:

Better Productivity: Leveraging the true power of AIOps ultimately improves the productivity of the business and IT operations team. So how does AIOps helps in improving productivity? One of the significant challenges faced by the IT operations team is collecting a massive volume of data. A huge volume and variety of data need to be monitored and observed continuously to identify any IT systems problems. This causes a significant burden as these data need to be checked and processed manually. Moreover, operators need to spend more time identifying where the issue has occurred and how to solve it if any issues are found. That's where AIOps helps in improving productivity. The AI-based models will collect and aggregate every data and provide real-time analyses. If any issues occurred, they would be automatically detected by the system, and an alert will be triggered. In this way, the right decisions and inference can be taken from the data, which eventually improves productivity. Manual effort and false-positives can also be reduced.

Cost Savings: Cost-saving is a critical factor along with customer retention. Saving up operational costs is a prominent concern in many IT organizations. The main reason for this is that the IT operators team needs to identify and remediate any incidents manually. Also, the IT team is responsible for handling every system, taking daily back-ups, and so on. These are all daily mundane tasks that take up much time and which eventually increase the operational cost. Any errors in the system should be re-checked and re-done, which keeps on eating up the available resources. All of the above concerns are automated by the use of AIOps. AI-based ITOps helped in automating most of the mundane tasks that were done manually. One such example is taking daily backup. This process can be automated by AI-based models, which efficiently schedule and take daily backup. With AI in place, manual errors are reduced to a great extent wherein re-work is not required. AI-based ITOps can save up operational costs to a great extent.

Customer Retention: Customer retention is a very curial part of any business organization. Without customers, no organization or business can move forward. Having a well-built product won't alone solve the quotient of customer retention. The product deployed should be stable enough it doesn't break while they run. Most customer services are built on top of IT, and it is a must that IT services should execute properly so as they do not fail in delivering at the right time. Manually it was very tough to fulfill the needs and requirements the customer needed in the digital era. That's where the shift to AIOps came in place. The application of AI in ITOps ensured every IT service was delivered with the right quality and on-time. AI-based models automatically assuring customer satisfaction and provide customer retention, which eventually helped businesses offer better customer service.

Revenue Growth: All of the above benefits point to one main advantage, which is revenue growth. The quotient of revenue is the primary concern in every business. So how does AIOps help in improving revenue growth? AIOps allows IT to be more agile. This agility enables them to operate at the speed of business. Moreover, with AI-based IT operations in place, IT service delivery speed also increases at an incredible pace. The IT team can quickly enable the business to launch new products and services and improve the existing offerings. The AI-based system ensures the right quality of service is delivered, which helps customer retention and thus improves revenue growth.

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