Improving IT Target Operating Model with AIOps.

Feb 15, 2021. By Anil Abraham Kuriakose

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Improving IT Target Operating Model with AIOps

Enterprise IT faces great difficulty in this era of digital transformation. The major challenge is coping up with the evolving technology. Many IT organizations face significant challenges due to the economic situation, new business models and strategies, sourcing models (i.e., cloud services), and technology opportunities such as data management. Coping up with these challenges creates a lot of pressure on CIO's. They need to re-defined or re-structure their current operating model addressing all the challenges and difficulties they face and set their teams up for a transformation program. The concept of the Target Operating Model (TOM) is introduced to address these concerns.

Target Operating Model:

Target operating model is a key factor for every successful business. The TOM provides a clear picture of how to plan a business strategically. It provides a blueprint on the business vision to how to align business concerning operating capacities and strategic objectives. And it also provides an overview of the core business capabilities, internal factors, external drivers, and so on. So as clearly said, the TOM is a key priority for any firm's business. This clearly defines how successful a business will be and will provide deep insight and check if any changes are needed.

The TOM in every enterprise IT enables them to understand and get a clear vision on how they can improve their operational quality, productivity and effectively address any challenges without a full stop. The TOM driven approach helps in achieving an organization's design criteria, provides an IT functional definitional across all tiers, gets benefits in IT capacity sizing and sourcing and gets hold on every functional mandate such as service desk activities and so on. Apart from all that, proper governance on the entire department is ensured, such as getting a clear vision and mission, planning on the strategy required, and assessing the risk.

TOM implementations are not straightforward and require a great deal of planning and coordination to roll them out successfully. One of the key challenges when working with TOM aside from initial implementation is the continued maintenance and evolution of an existing TOM solution. That is, as the technology is in its dynamic nature, most firms will opt-in adopting the latest techs into their enterprise, as they believe it will be more scalable and productive. But this evolution is a big concern when it comes to dealing with a pre-planned target operating model. That is, a complete re-factoring of the design TOM is needed. This is not a very appealing situation in many ways. So, a revolutionary solution is needed here to resolve this challenge.

Target Operating Model with AIOps:

AIOps is the right solution needed here. That is applying AIOps in improving the IT target operating model. Artificial Intelligence for IT operations is the new normal. The concept of AIOps helps automate almost every ITOps activates to be a more efficient and productive team. That is every process from scratch, that is, from identifying insights and abnormality from data such as KPI and log to automatically managing every IT ticketing process to resolving them automatically. That is an automated method of handling incident and service tickets, auto-remediation, and auto-fulfillment of those tickets.

Moreover, AI-based governance of the entire IT enterprise is also made possible. This helps in efficiently understanding the business needs and strategy that one must possess for successful business growth. The concept of refactoring the IT target operation model can be avoided here. As the AI-based automated system will efficiently manage and operate based on the availability of the resources needed and helps in optimal usage of resources. AI-based automated systems are also capable of managing the capacity planning requirements on need.

With advanced AI technology and machine learning capabilities on board, AI-based IT operations (AIOps) enable achieving the vision of business strategy very effectively. AIOps completely takes over the IT operations by adopting AI technology, providing an AI-enabled team, and enabling the entire IT enterprise to move to cognitive automation. Thus, in turn, providing better IT knowledge graph and also and AI-based IT governance.

By adopting AIOps, the IT team can help the business achieve its goals, mission, and vision. Moreover, the great benefit is that, upon the adoption, operational time can be saved greatly, and the operational cost can be reduced up to 60%.

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