Introduction to Event Noise Reduction and Incident Recognition.

Feb 18, 2021. By Aleena Mathew

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Introduction to Event Noise Reduction and Incident Recognition

As the business grows, the enterprise uses a large number of IT elements and resources. Due to this, incidents and event noise are very common in every enterprise IT. It is impossible to find an abnormality or unknown events from this noise. But, without handling these events, things may get a little out of hand. Also, the complexity at which enterprise IT has grown is remarkable. This remarkable trend will bring exponential growth in the infrastructure data, which at some later point goes beyond the control of human capacity. Even with these concerns in place, data comes in huge volume and variety, and the need for monitoring these data to identify any abnormality is a big necessity.

Let us consider the present scenario with no efficient mechanism to monitor these data and identify any faulty issues. With the existing system, monitoring tools may provide false-positive results, which creates chaos in the system. The IT team looks into KPIs and logs that they are not supposed to be concerned off. While the area that needs attention is still not taken care of by the IT team. With the huge volume and variety of data, monitoring every incoming KPI and log is a real hectic task. That is, to identify if any event is occurring or not. These are challenging situations in any enterprise IT. These situations need to be handled. So, what is this effective method?

Modern problems need modern solutions! A manual or traditional solution to these problems needs to be kept aside. So what is the right solution! Nothing other than Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps). Applying the modern solution termed AI into the picture. The hype of AI taking over IT operations is at its peak. The benefits and the revenue growth AI profited business is tremendous. It is not just hype, but AI has proven to be a great turning point or a stepping stone to success for every business. Almost every IT operations are now completely in the hands of AI. That is, the phase of automation has begun almost everywhere.

Introduction to Event Noise Reduction and Incidnet Recognition:

One such great benefit of AI in IT operations is event noise reduction and incident recognition. As we discussed above, data generation is exceptional. This growth brings in many more efficient mechanisms to monitor and observe these data to get proper insights. That's where AI plays its card.

Let's see how AI helps in identifying events and recognize incidents. AI-based models identify incidents and events capable of automatically ingesting huge volumes and various data, whether it be KPI and log from different IT environmental elements. Deep AI-based observability is brought into the system, and all these KPIs and logs will be monitored. Based on this monitoring, whenever an event occurs, it will be automatically triggered as an event. But there are instants where in which certain events may not occur alone themselves. Due to one event's occurrence, there are chances that many other abnormalities can occur in the system. The root causes of many events can be found using a mechanism called event correlation. So, the next necessary step is to identify if an event correlation has occurred in the system. This phase is also efficiently handled out by AI. The system will monitor continuously for any root cause events. Based on this, the system will monitor if there is any performance issue or any attacks on the system or if any security issue has also occurred. Whenever such an issue is triggered, it will automatically be identified as an incident, and the alert will be published saying an incident has been recognized.

In this way, deep end-to-end monitoring of the system is ensured by AI. The evolvement of manual monitoring can be completely avoided. And the practical possibility for any error or any data left unseen or monitored is no longer going to persist. By this, AI-based automated action is ensured in the system. It then performs advanced event correlation to reduce alarm noise, highlight real problems, and intelligently create incidents to take the right action. Also, enable AI-based automation to auto remediate the problem very effectively in a finger snap time.

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