AI based Incident Auto-Remediation.

Oct 20, 2022. By Anil Abraham Kuriakose

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AI based Incident Auto-Remediation

Most IT organizations are in great debt when it comes to the management of IT tickets. IT tickets arise to a lot of chaos and heated up situations when they are not handled or addressed properly. The chance of arising an incident ticket is quite predictable. That is the chance of something to be broken or going out of hand is quite natural. Most of these tickets arise when there is something broken or when something needs to be fixed. But the major task over here is in resolving these tickets before things go out of hand. And this is what most of the IT enterprises fail in addressing the issue in the right time. This can even lead to higher cost, revenue loss and also the productivity of the IT service.

As we have seen in the previous blog, we spoke on the service request handling and the auto fulfilment of service request tickets. In much similar way, the rise of incident tickets also happen. That is, incident tickets are also to be handled with high priority. Lets take a deeper look into the incident ticket phase of IT enterprise.

ITIL defines an incident as an unplanned interruption of an IT service. That is, putting in simple terms, some IT service or process that gets broken or interrupted while working. For example, this can include an issue like a keyboard is not working, or a printer not working or even an application that is loading properly. These problems or interruptions can lead to greater issues if not handled properly such as degrading work productivity. Moreover, any user that provide these service will set a certain priority for the request and also a service level agreement(SLA) also which contain the resolution time to the request. That is handling the request in prior to meet the SLA requirements. This is where most of the enterprises fail and also face a great challenge in over-coming this situation. Moreover, having an IT operator to manually handle all these incident request is a really difficult task. That is, to understand the ticket requirement, met the SLA without breaching it and get the ticket closed at the right time. This will really pull down the shoulders of the operator.

We really need a mechanism where in which we can automate all the ticket management process. That is, a mechanism where all of these process can be automated right from the time a create is created to its remediation phase meeting the SLA requirements.

AI based Auto Remediation:

Artificial intelligence is the perfect help partner for this. The AI based auto remediation process is the best solution of any IT incident ticket.AI has the capability of automating the incident request remediation. That is when an incident is reported by a user, AI based interfaces are proved where in which the user can raise their dispute directly from the interface provided and report the ticket. The AI based models which are pre-trained and deployed will automatically handle this request. The models are capable of classifying if a ticket generated is an incident ticket or a service request. Based on this, the incident ticket will be taken up by the system. In this way, the manual work of the operator can be easily solved and moreover, each of the tickets can be handled efficiently without degrading the quality and also meeting the SLA requirements.

This is how efficiently AI will completely manage the entire process an IT operator needs to do in handling an incident ticket. Lets consider the following scenario where in which a user reports an incident saying that the system which the user was working went down. This downtime can we lead due to several facts, such as, high memory usage or maybe OS crash and so on. The monitoring system will create a ticket, saying that the system went down. The AI based model will process this ticket and find can automated solution to preform an auto remediation process to resolve the ticket. In our scenario, the system down time was identified to be due to the high memory usage. The AI models will schedule a workflow that will be executed and in this way the the process that lead to the CPU usage will be stopped or disabled. This is how effectively AI based auto remediation of an incident ticket works.

With the implementation of AI based auto remediation, the efficiency and quality of work an be maintained. Moreover high productivity is also ensured without violating the SLA.

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