Zero Touch Auto-Fulfilment - Algorithmic Service Request Handling with AI Models.

Oct 19, 2022. By Anil Abraham Kuriakose

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Zero Touch Auto-Fulfilment - Algorithmic Service Request Handling with AI Models

Many enterprise organizations are growing very fast. As the enterprise marks this growth, so as the manpower grows with it. This growth brings a great obligation for the IT operations team to manage and fulfil everyone's IT request, that is, understanding the IT requirement, processing these requirements and find the right solution to it .Moreover processing these request with much time delay, that is , effectively saving time to provide fast fulfilment. But, to some or a great extend this in not happening in many enterprise. Most IT operators fail to provide the required service, and this leads to greater problems as requests are not handled property at the right time. More over, to get a process done will require a lot time and also the quality of service that is handled is also at a great stake. Cause, when a time-consuming process is done swift just for the sake of fulfilling the request the quality of work also gets diluted.

Most IT enterprise process request in 2 method. One is the incident request and the second is the service request. Lets take a deeper look into service request. Service requests are a type of formal request which contains formal request such as the installation of a new software or get a new replacement of a hardware and may more of these pattern. When these service requests start to bundle up one after the other it gets complicated to manage them. Moreover, any user that provide these service will set a certain priority for the request and also a service level agreement(SLA) also which conation the resolution time to the request. That is handling the request in prior to meet the SLA requirements. This is where most of the enterprises fail and also face a great challenge in over-coming this situation.

AI based Auto Fulfilment of Service Request Tickets:

The real solution needed here is a mechanism where we can automate these process. That is, a right and efficient method which can process all the service request from the user and fulfil their needs by providing the solutions meeting the SLA rules. A solution where the operations that need to be preformed by IT operators can be handled by systems.

This is where the advancement of technology makes a great benefit. Nothing other than bringing in Artificial Intelligence into the frame. AI has the capability of automating the service request fulfilment. That is by building AI model, the service request fulfilment can be automated. With this automation, the end-to-end automated workflow is also made possible. By this, any request that is brought by the user is provided with solution at the right time meeting the SLA. Also by the implementation of AI in the service request fulfilment also promises the zero touch capability. That is, automated way of finding solution to the desired request without much of intervention of humans. In this way, the requester really does not require the need to wait for a service to be completed by looking for an external help. Lets see how this zero touch auto fulfilment of a service request can be done.

Lets consider a user who wants a software update to be done immediately. In the normal way he/she might need to approach the IT operator and raise a ticket or a request issuing for the software update with a high priority set. But if the operators is bundled up with many such IT requests, this update will be pushed to be done to a later it, which is not appropriate. That's where the AI based auto fulfilment works wonders. By having a trained set of AI models, the user can raise the request for software updation as a ticket through channels which are build for handling these tickets. The AI model will acknowledge this ticket and understands that it is a software updation that is need and will automatically execute the appropriate workflow that's has scheduled task to perform the updation. In this way zero touch auto fulfilment of a request can be effectively handled. The service level agreements are also maintained where in which the priority and resolution is also met.

Automating the IT service request fulfilment process has great benefits. In one picture, it means that your IT organization has the ability to complete service requests quickly and accurately, which in turn helps to hit your SLA targets on time without diluting the quality of the request.

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