How AIOps Can Provide Better Decision-Making Skills And Productivity.

Feb 9, 2021. By Aleena Mathew

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How AIOps Can Provide Better Decision-Making Skills And Productivity

ITOps has really kept the struggle on enlightening its way to success for IT production and business growth. This came in with a lot of difficulty when the requirement or the request from user started to pile up. The struggle was really huge for the IT team as the team is totally responsible for meeting the SLA, providing right actions to the IT tickets that was issued and also resolving them on time without breaching the required time. Moreover the team needed to maintain and check if every service is working or not, and also should be able to provide the right decision to any issue that was occurred. This requires a lot of effort and time.

Every IT enterprise is really focused on providing or having better productivity in their work environment. This productivity really impacts the overall business. That is, if the right amount of productive outcome for a certain work is not there, then the time and operational cost on that resource used turns out to be a waste of time. Moreover, the right quality of work is not assured, the decision made from these outcomes can also fail. The major reason for all of these issues is that, the IT team is piled up with workload where in which they really lose their focus. These kind of situations are not compromisable in any IT organization.

The real solution needed here is to step-up into the era of automation. That is, the implementation of AIOps. This helps in ensuring that the right inference is made and the action is taken. This eventually brings in better and efficient IT Operations.

Lets consider an example where the adoption of AIOps really helps the IT team. As we know, data is a really dynamic changing object. Large volume and variety of data is generated every second. So managing and monitoring these data is a really big task. Moreover, managing and monitoring wont alone solve the issue here. From these data, the right inference should be generated so as to understand if there is any abnormality or any occurrence of events and so on. This is a really hectic task, when it comes to a point where manual checking of data is done. This really affects the entire teams capability to take the right decision. As getting inference from these data enables in better decision making possibilities. This lack of decision-making capabilities really affects the team in being productive. This means that the improper way of making decisions will affect the productivity if the system. One wrong decision taken will result in the total failure of the entire system. This will result in a great loss.

AI to Improve Decision Making and Productivity

That's where AI and cognitive automation will step in. AI based models are capable of analyzing huge volume and variety of structured and unstructured data. From this, AI is capable of closely observing into these data and alerting the team if any abnormality has occurred, which is the anomaly detection phase, and also intelligently alerts the team if any event has occurred. In this way, the IT team really does not need to look into the data and get insights and inferences from it. The AI based models will do that part. And also, as anomaly detection is the key feature of AIOps, IT team can efficiently make decisions based on the alerts that are produced from the models. In this way, the decision-making capabilities of the system is really improved. That is, the AI based system dose the analysis part of the data and provides insights from these data. This automated system will help the IT team to make the right decisions in a very effective manner. This eventually results in the improving productivity of the system. In this way, the right productivity of the team is maintained.

AIOps is really on the go in this era of digital transformation. The transformation and adoption of AIOps is really at its peak, as the benefits it poses is really great. Moreover, business industry as well IT operations have really seen a great growth and benefit in this area. As the complete IT environment is transformed into an automated phase, this also or eventually helps the ITOps team to really loosen themselves from the risk of monitoring and managing process and resources to focusing on work that requires the actual care and concern. This one such way where in which the IT team productivity is really increased and also this eventually helps the team into making decisions more accurate and precise.

AIOps is a real need in the near future. It helps business in a lot of ways, that is, by increasing the productivity and efficiency of the IT team. This will eventually help the business in saving operational time and cost and also completely moving into the automation phase.

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