Maximize AIOps Value with Cognitive Automation.

Feb 21, 2023. By Anil Abraham Kuriakose

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Maximize AIOps Value with Cognitive Automation

Cognitive automation is a posh term. However, on the other hand the benefits AIOps poses are really great and almost every IT organization is looking forward into the adoption of cognitive automation. Apart from that the potential AIOps poses to IT organizations is also really great. However, the real concern here is that most IT organizations have only begun to scratch the top part of AIOps. That is, the real potential AIOps posses is really not explored.

In many previous blogs we have explained, how AIOps really helps in automating many IT operations such as incident recognition, KPI and log anomaly detection, auto remediation of incident ticket, auto-fulfilment of service request and also we have seen the benefits AI based virtual agents does and many more to add on to that list. In this blog we will see how by implementing cognitive automation the complete power of AIOps can be brought and also how to maximize AIOps value.

AI Powered Cognitive Automation

AI is definitely on the go. That is the adoption of AI for IT operations is really at its peak. But the struggle is real to keep up with the changing phase. A research study says that than 2,400 hundred organizations that are employing AI across their operations, only 25% have established an enterprise-wide AI strategy. Further, one-quarter of organizations are seeing a 50% failure rate in their AI projects. The major reason to this issue is that, most people are still working on things to be completed manually, which is really stressful, costly and also posses a high risk for the chance of errors to occur. Moreover, the work done may not be with great quality too. This can lead to a situation where the SLA gets breached. These situations can really affect the teams ability to act on main insights as they lose their focus on other activities. Therefore, adopting an AIOps strategy but leaving teams to struggle with these manual efforts will diminish the benefits of AIOps investments which is gonna be a total loss. Ultimately, to fully capitalize on the advantages of AIOps, IT teams need to address these shortcomings.

Lets look into AIOps key capability and how to leverage the best of AIOps. The most vital part AIOps can play and also pay off completely is by leveraging AIOps best feature which is leveraging machine learning divine insights into cognitive automation. Automation represents a key way to ensure that the insights delivered by AIOps ultimately are employed to maximum value. For example, automated remediation can be a key initiative that delivers significant key automated solutions. ITOps teams can automate the triage and remediation of commonly recurring issues and tasks, such as restarting services and provisioning additional capacity. This automation can deliver significant enhancements in staff efficiency, mean-time-to-resolution metrics, and service levels. In addition, automated, closed-loop processes with the service desk can be established, setting the stage to maximize automation through the entire lifecycle from event identification to ticket generation to remediation, change and incident management and ticket close. In this way, the complete possibility of Zero-Touch Operations also achieved. This proves to be an excellent way to break down the silos which provides maximum value from AI for the business .

Benefits of Cognitive Automation

AIOps value for cognitive automation provides great benefits for IT industry. 1.Single pane of glass monitoring: If you consider any big enterprises, they may be using approximately twenty IT operation tools at a time and managing and administering them are a very costly affair for the IT organizations. AIOps enables IT operations teams to reconcile and retire many tools and integrate existing tools to offer a single pane of glass IT operations and reduce the silo of operations. 2.Discover unknown problems: AIOps tools are designed to uncover unknown problems and hidden insights more efficiently than legacy tools and IT operations teams. The AIOps tools can ultimately offer lower total cost of ownership in terms of finding complex unknown issues and help IT organizations to get out of the firefighting mode. 3.Save operational cost: Most enterprises considering AIOps as a means of reducing the IT operations cost, or at least enhancing efficiency and productivity. Therefore, AIOps technology is initially seen as a labor-optimization and cost-saving tool. 4.Enable better decision making: Traditionally IT organizations lag the capability to make fast decisions. However, nowadays, things are changing so rapidly in the enterprise business world, and the decision-maker is required to make new decisions in line with the pace of the business. AIOps technology enables them to make a better-informed decision and execute it using cognitive automation. The real economic value of AIOps is reducing the cost of decisions around IT operations and enabling IT to operate at the speed of business.

Within many organizations, automation is the use case that will enable breakthroughs in the realization of AIOps value. Through automation, teams will be able to harness AI-driven insights, and ensure they are leveraged and acted upon in the most comprehensive, efficient manner possible.

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