AI based Virtual Agents for L1 IT Support.

Oct 17, 2022. By Anil Abraham Kuriakose

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AI based Virtual Agents for L1 IT Support

IT enterprise has outgrown in the couple of year, along with the advancement of technology. This evolvement of technology in IT enterprise brings a big headache to the IT operators as they are needed to deliver or ensure continuous IT support without fail at any point of time. That is, continuously handling IT tickets , making sure all the requirement or IT needs are fulfilled and so on. But it is not practically possible for a human begin to be available for 24x7 of the time to ensure all the requirements. There is a great risk of chance for them to fail to deliver at some certain point , as it is not possible to work like machine without producing error.Apart from that, is it possible to wait for an assistance to take place, that is, if a requirement needs to be done, we need to wait for an IT operator to be free to take up our problem. Moreover, we need to wait for a long time until the assigned issue is resolved. This is a really time-consuming and lagging process.

Think of a concept where all of these process can be automated by self-service. That is we can have a mechanism where we just need to put in our requirements and all will be done for you in a finger snap time. In this way you really do not have the need to wait for a second person to go say your requirements or the need to wait for an assistance to take place. Whether it is of handling the IT service tickets or providing support to IT helpdesk activities, having a self-service mechanism is the best. In this way a lot of time and operational cost can be saved.

AI based Virtual L1 Support Agents:

Artificial intelligence based virtual L1 support agents are your perfect solution. The advancement of AI enables IT organization to automate every IT helpdesk issues. Intelligent virtual agents are conversational bots that are capable of assisting humans in a variety of tasks from the IT helpdesk. Those conversational skills are based on cognitive process automation and natural language understanding, a subset of artificial intelligence that imitates the way the human brain works .This cognitive automation helps to assist humans in making decisions, completing tasks, or meeting goals.

A virtual agent’s conversational skills enables better language understanding of the user, ask additional questions to understand a context. A traditional chatbot can usually manage chat or email conversation with humans, that is, it requires manual effort also to process and understand things. Much more was the difficulty in managing the entire enterprise to fulfil their requirements, to get their IT requirement done and to meet up with the changing service request. But a virtual agent can offer multichannel integration to be reachable through the channels users are most comfortable with whether its live chat or voice chat, that is, meeting the entire requirements and IT needs in a finger snap time. The need for waiting for a request to be done is also avoided here as AI based virtual L1 agents completely process all your needs. The need for relying on IT operators is no more. A survey report shows that by 2020, 80% of enterprises will use virtual L1 agents.

With all these capabilities in hand, Algomox Norra is your perfect solution.

Algomox Norra is an AI based virtual agent which enables you to implement a 24 x 7 lean IT services model and automatically manage IT support challenges, and save IT operational costs up to 40%.With Algomox Norra, the IT helpdesk team can enhance their capability to offer near real-time automated service request fulfilment and automated incident remediation for 24x7 without increasing the L1 helpdesk staff.‌ This is where most IT operators fail at certain point , that is providing an automated solution to a problem. But with Norra, any IT request will be automatically resolved ,that is, Norra process the IT ticket and will perform the need auto remediation step that needs to take place. In this way, a lot of time is saved and also the operational cost. Norra also provide unlimited 24x7 AI based help desks service to provide immediate live support to your users request through omni channel interface. With Norra on board, all the L1 helpdesk activities will be handled and performed in an automated way. The requirement of having extra staff for L1 helpdesk activities are not need.

Norra is build with the capability of having user conversation console which is a desktop application with a conversational interface that can be used to chat with the Norra backend and live agents. Built with IT-specific NLP models that are AI based cognitive model which is used for fine-tuning and understanding specific IT terminologies.

With Norra, our AI based virtual L1 agent on board, all IT operations can now be automated. Any IT or service request can be fulfilled by the help of Norra. By the implementation of virtual agents, the operational productivity can be boosted and also save a lot of time.

To know more about Algomox AI based L1 helpdesk automation, please do visit our Algomox Norra page.

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