IT leadership concerns and challenges of AIOps adoption.

Oct 10, 2022. By Anil Abraham Kuriakose

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IT leadership concerns and challenges of AIOps adoption

The greater success of digital transformation relies on the continuous effort and frictionless IT operations process. This effort helps the IT teams to position themselves in a most powerful and important role within the organization. But this positioning is not easy as we say it. This comes with a lot of challenges, that is, as the technology is vast over the years so is the challenge to mange and cop with the trend. Besides these challenges, managing performance and availability across complex and hybrid environment, a new set of strenuous effort is put in monitoring and event management process, that is, managing the large volume of increase in data is beyond human scale, achieving the observability of the organization.

AIOps functionality has primarily been used in support of IT operations processes that enable the monitoring or observation of IT infrastructure, application behavior or digital experience. AIOps can enhance a broad range of IT operations processes and tasks, including performance analysis, anomaly detection, event correlation and analysis, IT service management and automation. Most IT leaders are approaching AIOps with high expectations and have firm requirements and objectives set out for AIOps implementations, due to the broad applicability and integral nature of AIOps in the overall IT ecosystem.

With all of these great benefits and potential AIOps provide, what is keeping businesses away from adopting AIOps?

Challenges and Concerns in AIOps Adoption:

The hype of AI and machine learning is enormous. But this hype wont let business to reach great success. Proper understanding and management into AI adoption is required. Many organizations overlook smaller details and over estimate their AI transformation skills, and these misses will be evolved as a challenge later in the execution. Lets look into some challenges and concerns usually faced by IT leaders:

Lack of planning and coherent strategy: Successful AI always demands careful and thorough planning. The first step to start the AI project is to assess the capability of the organization. The IT leader should put together a clear strategy to achieve the same. Lack of planning and proper strategy for execution can lead to failure at some of time. Also, the lack of broader leadership involvement is another challenge for AI adoption. Hence the IT leader should get by in from business organizations on his plan and strategy.

Lack of skill set: Apart from the technological and strategical aspects, you should also consider your team composition. AI and AIOps are a new technology with a huge learning curve. There is a huge skill gap in every IT organization in the AI area to drive AIOps projects. This is a critical concern, and the IT leaders should address this concern before considering any AIOps project activities. With the skill gap persisting, it is practically impossible for the successful adoption and a 100% outcome in business success and growth. As human errors due to the lack of skill are inevitable at some certain point.

Lack of right tools: Finding the right tool is very important for the AI transformation. The right AIOps platform or tool is the best accelerator for your AI transformation. The selected tool should have end-to-end capabilities, easy to integrate with your existing environment, and enabled to get the best accuracy.

Lack of data security policy and management strategy: Modern IT systems generate a wide variety of data in huge volumes. Many organizations are not aware of these data pools and are not able to retrieve these data sets. Many times, the quality of these data sets is not good enough for AIOps. Similarly, these data sets may contain a lot of sensitive data points where IT teams may not take enough care to deal with it. Hence every leader needs a plan designed to improve all the ways you acquire, store, manage, share, and use data.

Fear of job loss due to AIOps and automation: Fear of losing job is a great concern, since the beginning of the AI era. Even though the hype about AIOps, many IT team members believe that the complete adoption of AIOps and IT task automation reduces the job. These automation may lead to a point where the IT team members are made to be reskilled or up skilled to do better jobs and made an opportunity to learn better, rather than losing jobs.

Even with these challenges and concerns buzzing around, the benefit of the AIOps adoption is enormous. A study indicates that 68 percent of IT decision-makers at companies with 500 or more employees have experimented with AIOps tools. Also, 73 percent are using AIOps to get greater insights into system alerts. AIOps adoption will enable the IT organization to be the first citizen in the enterprise digital transformation journey.

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