Domain Agnostic AIOps Platform.

Jul 14, 2021. By Aleena Mathew

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Domain Agnostic AIOps Platform

Regularly we see that new players/vendors emerge into the AIOps vendor space and proclaiming them to be the best in the AIOps platform. But the real question is, how do they differentiate themself from other vendors? For this analysis, we need to see AIOps in the big picture from a different aspect. We need to know where the AIOps platform benefits, whether in a domain agnostic or domain-centric platform.

What is AIOps?

Artificial intelligence for IT operations(AIOps) was a term coined by Gartner in 2016. AIOps is a platform that combines big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to automate IT operations tasks at all levels. This methodology enables in completely or partially replacing every manual task with the help of automation. The primary objective of AIOps is to provide insights from the IT infrastructure using machine learning and reinforcement learning. IT operations teams can act upon these insights using cognitive automation. However, the scope of AIOps is beyond this automation. The implementation of AIOps can change the face of the IT industry. With the upcome of distributed microservice architecture, serverless applications, containers, edge cloud, and so on, the scope of AIOps has to broaden from domain-centric to domain agnostic platform. That's where we introduce, Domain agnostic AIOps platform. This blog explains on domain agnostic AIOps platform, its elements, and aspects.

What are Domain agnostic AIOps platforms?

Let's take a deeper look into the two dimensions of the AIOps platform: First, the domain-centric AIOps platform only provides a single solution to a single/specific domain. In a domain-centric platform, there is no wide-area scope across the IT organization. Let's say, for example, a domain-centric platform comes with an organization that has application performance monitoring or needs to perform network diagnostics.

But the evolution of distributed microservice architecture or serverless applications, or edge cloud computing needs cross-domain focus. This breadth of domains requires a platform that is wide enough to look at the big picture.

Domain agnostic AIOps platform provides solutions across the entire IT organization by not just focusing on a single domain. Instead, the scope is much broader and varies from SRE, DevOps, SecOps, etc. This enabled the IT team to perform incident recognition, event correlation, and alert noise reduction across all domains. Also, the domain agnostic platform correlates and analyzes multiple metrics across every domain and identifies the root cause. With AIOps in place, the ITOps team was able to automate most of the tasks from identifying issues to automatically remediating them across cross-domain platforms. With digital transformation at its peak and the evolution of the latest technology, the domain-agnostic AIOps platform is the best choice.

Different elements of domain agnostic AIOps platforms:

Unlike domain-centric platforms with only a single domain focus, the domain agnostic platform can be understood more widely with its various elements. The domain agnostic AIOps platform elements can be divided into the following functional ways:

Observe: The observe element holds a key part in the domain agnostic AIOps platform. The observe element is capable of collecting every KPI, log, and trace from the cross-domain platform. With AIOps, deployed AI models can intelligently identify any outliers from these data and then perform a multi-variate KPI anomaly detection or cross-domain log anomaly detection.

Engage: The engage element holds a part in automating every manual service desk activity and every L1 helpdesk activity. This enables collecting incident tickets and service request tickets from all across the platform and performing automated ticket prioritization and ticket routing.

Act: This is the action engine of the AIOps platform. The action element performs every automation task that is required. In addition, this element automatically performs workflow to remediate or fulfill the issue.

Govern: The governance element provides a single pane of glass view for the entire IT organization. This enables CIOs to get a high-level picture with predictive analytics, easily compute the capacity and resources requirement, and enforce compliance.

These four elements revolve as the center key factor for a successful AIOps platform.

Components of Domain Agnostic AIOps platform:

The basic components of the domain agnostic AIOps platform are given below.

Collection from multiple domain-centric tools: Data collection is a key concern in every IT organization due to its huge volume and variety. With AIOps, the data collection is made simple and made possible from multiple domain-centric tools and telemetry data collection.

Understanding the Cross-Domain Topology: AIOps platforms discover and assemble unified topology of IT assets, including applications, across domains. This enables in understanding the dependency among resources.

Correlation across the domain: Correlation among multiple events and issues is made possible from multiple domains.

Incident Recognition and cross-domain root cause analytics: Identification of unknown and known issues is made possible with automated incident recognition and root cause analysis. This enables the IT operators to identify the issue that does not need manual intervention quickly.

Auto Remediation: AIOps enables in automatically remediation and fulfilling incident tickets that occur. AI models automatically deploy workflows to remediate the issue. This action can be performed across cross-domain platforms.

Algomox AIOps is a domain-agnostic platform that provides a great spectator of solutions. Algomox AIOps also provides a scope for a domain-centric tool, along with its domain agnostics consolidator role, with a management gap in a specific domain. To know more about Algomox Domain agnostic AIOps platform, please visit our page Algomox AIOps.

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