Automating Mundane IT tasks with L1 Automation.

May 3, 2021. By Aleena Mathew

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Automating Mundane IT tasks with L1 Automation

The era of digital transformation added a lot of pressure on the IT team. IT operators needed to monitor every IT system and resource and manually had to identify if there were any issues in them. Apart from that, one of the biggest headaches they had is to resolve every IT ticket. With the rise of the digital era, ticket volume increased multifold. The users who found any issues in the system will file an IT ticket by setting a specific SLA. It is then the responsibility of the IT team to resolve them on time without breaching the SLA. This is one area of mundane tasks IT operators face daily. The other set of IT requests where the IT operators need to stay back to take system backup and similar jobs. The operators need to take backup of systems manually unless they have a very costly back management tool. These are all time-consuming tasks and adds to the operational cost. IT operations and business will be drastically affected if a change is not implemented into the system. And the fundamental change needed here is the automation of all these mundane activities to free up the IT operators.

Application of AIOps in Digital Transformation:

Artificial Intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) is the right and accurate solution here. The application of AIOps helped in automating most of the mundane IT tasks. With AI-based intelligent automation, the system can understand any issues and automatically generate a ticket based on the issue. A study shows that, by deploying an automated workflow and automating these repetitive tasks, IT operators could be given back a quarter of their annual work time (4.5 months) to focus on more meaningful work, boosting productivity and overall business value. These studies clearly manually carried on with mundane tasks won't benefit the IT organization and business. However, the implementation of AI will help in resolving all these issues. Let's take a deeper look into how AI helps in automating mundane tasks.

AI in L1 Automation:

Most IT operators face great difficulty in properly identifying the tickets and resolving them on time. As they manually need to handle every IT ticket, no proper ticket prioritization is taking place. Operators were overloaded with IT tickets, and the SLA was getting breached. But the implementation of AI overcame this scenario. AI-based models could automatically handle all these incoming tickets and resolve them on time without breaching the SLA. AI could do automatic ticket routing and ticket prioritization. In automatic ticket prioritization, IT tickets issued will be prioritized based on their severity. By the automated ticket routing process, IT tickets will be automatically routed to a particular IT operator so that they are not burdened with tickets and requests. In this way, an AI-based system will automatically prioritize and route tickets. Let's see in detail how L1 automation can be achieved with AI-based virtual agents.

L1 Automation with Virtual Agents:

AI-based virtual agents help most in the L1 automation process. Virtual agents are capable of handling every IT request and automatically resolving them. These agents are available 24/7 where in which the users don't need to contact IT operators to request any problem. The users need to query the agents and, they will carry forward with the auto-fulfillment of the IT ticket or request. IT service request tickets will be automatically fulfilled by the use of an automated workflow. IT tickets issued by the user can be resolved on time without breaching the SLA. In this way, the need for having a manual operator to do late-night shifts is avoided. This helps in saving up the operational cost and also supports the IT operators to a great extent. With the help of AI-based virtual agents, the achievement of L1 automation is a promise.

Let's see this scenario with an example. One of the common, mundane tasks carried out by IT operators is to take scheduled backup of IT systems. This is a time-consuming task that can be effectively automated with the use of AI-based models and agents. The user needs to query into the agent by requesting a backup. The agents will process the request as a service request and then automatically initiate a workflow required to do the backup process. This is how effectively the system will do auto-fulfillment of IT service requests. In this way, the automated backup process takes place without manual intervention.

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