5 Questions Need To Be Asked Before Choosing an AIOps Solutions.

Feb 10, 2021. By Aleena Mathew

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5 Questions Need To Be Asked Before Choosing an AIOps Solutions

The struggle to keep up with the era of digital transformation is really at its peak. This transformations puts a lot of pressure on the ITOps team. That is, they need to really focus on how to implement the new technology successfully, how to operate them without fail and also provide right inference from huge volume of data. This is really a big task. Even the slightest error or lack of proper understanding can lead to great trouble and business loss. These situations are never comprisable within the organization. For successful business growth and development, this transformation is a must. But at the same time, the adoption of this transformation should not cause any failure. So what can be the real helping hand in this situation?

AIOps Platfrom

The adoption of AIOps is the right solution in this era of digital transformation. Gartner research study shows that "By 2019, 25% of global enterprises will have strategically implemented an AIOps platform supporting two or more major IT operations functions.” Most of the challenges which are faced by the traditional ITOps is totally off shoulder by the adoption of AIOps. The major benefits AIOps poses is that the ability to automatically ingest data and get inference from this data and provide anomaly detection, incident recognition from KPI and logs and alerts the root cause of a problem. Moreover, efficiently handling IT tickets is another big task, that is, handling incident ticket and service request tickets and performing auto remediation and auto fulfilment of these tickets. And also provide higher level of observability for C-executives. The adoption of AIOps is really beneficial at a very great extent.

AIOps Adoption - 5 Question to be Asked

Before moving into a new system or adopting completely to a new change, certain questions need to be addressed pre hand the adoption. That is, in the adoption of AIOPs, major 5 question needs to be addressed before proceeding for the change. Lets take a look into the question that a necessary to be addressed.

1.How does AIOps solution improve the productivity and decision-making capability ?

AIOps really improve the productivity of the entire IT team. The AI based models are responsible for handling the data. This will help the IT team to not much worry about the data. The trained models will take care and provide insights on these data and helps in understanding if there is any abnormality too. In this way, the IT team can take efficient and fast decisions on the abnormality which improves the decision-making skill. This eventually helps in improving the productivity of the entire team.

2.How do AIOps solution co-exist with the existing system?

By the adoption of AIOps, the existing system does not get completely replaced. Manually done process are getting automated by the AI system. That is, AI adoption will help to improve the efficiency of the existing system and helps them to focus on other important activities that are not possible to be automated. That is, AI will help the team to understand the data more in an efficient way and provide automated inference from them. Moreover, AIOps has the capability of providing auto remediation and auto fulfilment of IT tickets and also helping in meeting the SLA. So, the adoption of AIOps to the existing system is a great benefit as it improves the efficiency of the entire system.

3.How does AIOps system collect and manage different type of IT data ?

Data collection was really one of the major concerns for majority of the IT organizations. As a huge volume and variety of data was produced, this brought in a lot of chaos in the system. The implementation of AI for data collection made this chaos at an ease. That is, AI based models helps in collecting data from multiple existing sources. All of these data whether it be structured or unstructured data are stored into a single operational data lake. This enables in the ease of access of data from a single point of source. That is, a single truth source for all IT inferences is made.

4.How does it apply AI and manage IT data?

According to a research more than 60 percent of the respondents of an IDC Survey, says that the top challenge for data or artificial intelligence-related projects is that they are too time consuming, especially in getting data. Luckily, AIOps resolves the pressured challenges that enterprises face with data. AIOps leverages AI to provide predictive analytics and intelligent automation. Enterprises can predict new requirements in data in advance. They can also accelerate root-cause analysis drastically and minimize errors that cause downtime and performance issues.

5.How is the transformation of existing system to new AI based ITOps benefits ?

AIOps adoption is really on fire. The transformation to the AI era is really on the go. This is clearly because large IT organization has seen the potential benefit it can posses for them and business. As almost every ITOps activities gets automated here. The automation process happens from the scratch, that is, from the process of ingesting data of huge volume and variety to providing anomaly detection and events based on the data . And also automating the IT ticket phase to auto remediation and auto fulfilment of these tickets. This also promises that, a total Zero-touch operations can be achieved in the system from the detection of the problem to automatically resolving it. This really benefits the business by reducing the operational time and cost and increasing the productivity of the entire team.

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