The IT Data Lakes - CMDB Merges with ITOpStore.

Nov 4, 2022. By Anil Abraham Kuriakose

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The IT Data Lakes - CMDB Merges with ITOpStore

Evolvement of data is really at its peak. Day by day data gets produced in large variety and volume. As the concept of data can never be imagined as a static object, it is a continuous change which more typically can be said as a dynamically evolving object. As we know data can be in any format, that is, KPI ,logs and traces. All of these data are highly essential for the successful growth of any business. Whether it be IT data or business data, managing and monitoring these data is a very high requirement. And most traditional methods and methodology have been proved to fail at some certain point of time. The reason that, the IT enterprise may not have the right efficient quality system or people who can really monitor these data and provide the right inference from it. Apart from all of these, the real struggle is to store all of these information. That is from the historical data to real data, whether it be structured or unstructured data. That's where the real improvement on CMDB come into the picture.

Configuration Management Databases(CMDB):

Configuration management databases(CMDB) is a repository that acts as a data warehouse – storing information about your IT environment, the components that are used to deliver IT services. The data stored in a CMDB include lists of configuration items and the relationships among them. In general we can refer CMDB to be the core of ITSM. With the evolvement of CMDB into IT organization a clear picture was been able to be derived in the production environment and make real time decisions on any abnormality or events that occur. CMDB helps in understanding the big picture perspective of a modern hybrid IT environment.

Lets see how the concept of CMDB works. What makes a CMDB unique is that the data which it can contain. The lists of configuration items with their accompanying attributes and the relationships between them describe the basic relationship that exists within the an IT environment. The basic ideology accommodated by large ITSM is that by the use of various tools such a discovery tools and data import tools, data can be imported into a CMDB and by the use of ticketing tool or change management process data can be used or consumed from the CMDB. The CMDB works by providing a common place to store information about IT assets and other configuration items that people can access. This data typically comes from multiple sources and without the CMDB, it would be very difficult to a put together a complete and accurate picture of the IT environment.

CMDB Merges with ITOpStore:

Statically managing the IT configuration was an acceptable concept to some point of time. At that instance the use of CMDB to manage and store these changes was acceptable. But with the evolvement of technology and moving more into the cloud architecture and in this era of digital transformation, relying more on static CMDB is not really a good option. With the evolvement of technology so should the change from static to dynamic way of handling data and databases should take place. That's where the sole evolution from CMDB to OpsDataStore marked the change. OpsDataStore is capable of handling every structured and unstructured data such as logs. This enable in handling data analytics to the next level. A proper knowledge graph can be generated implicating the relationship among the recourse. Moreover a proper inference can be generated from these data using AI technology. This eventually enables the IT team to do better decision-making by applying AI into the system. This helps in improving the operational efficiency of the entire IT operations at a great scale as AI is applied into the system.

The data source for any AITSM is the CMDB and OpsDataStore, which basically constitute the IT data lake. With the adoption of AI in the IT data lake concept the major benefit is that, better knowledge graph was generated. Apart from that proper AI based analytics was derived, which helped in understanding enterprise IT to greater extent. The OpsDataStore aggregates metrics such as KPI and log and and analyze them continuously in real-time basis. This helps in identifying the relationship among the IT environment elements and resources in a graph based topology. This eventually alerts the Ops team if there is any abnormality in the system by identifying root cause events and anomalies.

With AIOps, IT pros can finally realize the true promise of the CMDB and put together strong foundation for IT service management. AIOps make IT organizations more efficient, effective, and successful. Combining data-driven insights with AI and cross-domain automation drives up cognitive automation.

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