Create Your Business Case for AIOps.

Nov 3, 2022. By Anil Abraham Kuriakose

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Create Your Business Case for AIOps

A few seconds of downtime or an IT outage can cost millions in lost revenue, reputational damage, or regulatory penalties. Now more than ever, enterprises need to better predict IT outages and resolve them more quickly. AI and automation applied to IT operations (AIOps) can help companies but is there really a business case for this new technology?

AIOps is the next big hit in the evolution of the digital technology era. And for sure its gonna stay for a very long period. The adoption of AIOps into enterprise IT will be a total revolutionary change in IT as well as in business. Automating every IT task or IT operation done manually by the power of AI is the next level. AIOps benefits IT and business to a great extent in terms of time and operational cost. The impact will be great on system operations and administrations. In short, AI will totally redefine the infrastructure is managed when its applied on ITOps.

So, what are the major benefits AI or AIOps can bring into IT organization. The major challenge was the risk factor of facing any down time or an IT outage. To overcome that an automated solution has been brought into the system which helps in predicting these outages pre-hand where in which the IT team can be altered off. Apart from all that, another major concern for most executives before the adoption or investing in AIOps is What is the profit I gain from this? What change can be brought here? What is the main benefit I get from investing in AIOps?

Benefits of AIOps Adoption:

Automated AI based models are trained and developed to ingest all the incoming historical and live data such as KPI and log. Based on the training, the system will immediately alter if there is any abnormality in these data, such as the anomaly detection mechanism. In this way, IT team can be efficiently be altered pre-hand. This will also ensure that manual possibility of any chance of an error occurring is totally wiped out as the AI system will be in charge here. This eventually helps in saving operational time and also cost as the need of re-looking into problems is not needed.

The major other benefit is the mechanism of automating every IT ticket. This was very legacy issue addressed by every IT enterprise. The amount of IT tickets generated say at its peak. The major difficulty was that, It operators where not capable or able enough to address these tickets on time as well as resolve them with the highest quality. These issues often breached the SLA policy set and mostly gets escalated to. By the implementation of AI into the system, the process of ticket was automated. When a user needs to raise a ticket he/she can use suitable channels/mediums provided to file a ticket. Automating tickets creation will help the IT operators to free themselves from listing the issues one-on-one.

But automating the ticket creation process will solve quarter of the issue, that is, the management of IT tickets only. The next concern is how to resolve them effectively. As mentioned before, when tickets get piled, they often tend to breach the SLA set. This is not a compromisable situation in any organization. Breaking SLA really creates a very heated up situation. The work efficiency is lost, quality of deliverables is degraded also maybe the fixed issue can also even create some other breaks in the system. This really affects the business as a whole. These are situation which can be totally handled out by AI. That is where the concept of auto-remediation of incident tickets and auto-fulfilment of service tickets comes in the picture. This automated way of resolving IT tickets will really help the business and IT team to save a lot of time and also the quality of service or delivered will be at its best. This method will also help the IT team to focus on issue and problems which cant be done though automation.

One of the other major concerns is the decision-making capability in an IT team. Under stressful situations, any decisions made will never be accurate or appropriate. Such decisions made can have a major impact on the team as well as the business as a whole. By the implementation of AI for ITOps into the enterprise, the risk of having to make a wrong decision is partially optimized. As AI based systems are highly capable of evaluating a model and providing accurate results on any abnormality or IT events. Based on this prediction or analysis, IT team can take up an effective solutions needed to resolve the issue. In this way proper decision making is also ensured.

Lets look into another scenario that majorly occurs in IT organizations. As the IT organization starts to establish at a great scale, the chance of having risk or the occurrence of risk also gradually increases. This brings in the requirement of having IT operators available 24/7. But having lean night shifts is practically not a possible case. This eventually doubles up the cost of operations . How can AI resolve this situation. The answer is to bring in AI based virtual agents into the system. These agents helps in resolving or answer to IT requirements or issues. Moreover, they are capable of filing IT tickets . By the use of virtual agents, L1 automation is made possible and also a huge saving on operational cost is also achieved.

AIOps will really drive business to great heights. The promise of cognitive automation of enterprise IT is achieved is really accomplished by AIOps.

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