Omni-Channel Ticket Lifecycle Management - How AITSM plays a better role in IT Service Desk?.

Feb 24, 2021. By Aleena Mathew

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Omni-Channel Ticket Lifecycle Management - How AITSM plays a better role in IT Service Desk?

Ticket logging is an inevitable part of every IT organization. As the organization starts to grow in employees and IT environmental resources, so do the issues faced by each employee increase. These issues or IT requirements can be of any form. Some common problems are resolving login issues or assigning a new mail-id to a new employee, resolving any hardware issues, etc. All these types of tickets need to be effectively addressed and also should be logged into the system. For this to handle-out smoothly, there are many mechanisms where the IT operators or end-users can effectively submit issues they face. They contact the IT team using email or through the phone. Or using some tools such as a certain web-interface. With these tools and mechanisms in place, there was great difficulty managing the number of tickets generated. This, in turn, leads to one of the biggest challenges in enterprise IT. The reason for the challenge is due to the manual recording of all these tickets, whether it be through phone or email. The IT operator needs to spend hours understanding the requests, sorting them out, and assigning appropriate operators to resolve them. This was considered to be an inefficient mechanism.

Most enterprise IT requires an advanced mechanism to handle out these tickets generated from the traditional channels. That is, the ticket generated should be logged appropriately through whichever medium they are filed. Apart from the generation, the tickets should be filed and assigned to an appropriate operator. The most priority job/task here is resolving the ticket as soon as possible without escalating. That is meeting the SLA time mentioned for each ticket. This is every efficient mechanism of handling every IT ticket that is generated. For this process to happen, the traditional way of handling service desk requests won't work. This brings in the requirement of having modern solutions to handle every ticket.

AI-Based IT Automation:

IT Service Management can provide relief from these kinds of challenges and revolutionize an under-performing help desk with outdated tools and processes into a modern and efficient mechanism through the power of cognitive automation. That is bringing AI into the picture. AI-based ticketing system helps in providing a more converged interface for handling out every IT ticket. With the capability of cognitive automation in handling IT tickets, IT service management will be a smooth flow. This AI-based automation is mainly carried out by the implementation of Natural Language Processing(NLP) and other Machine Learning techniques. The NLP mechanism helps in ticket classification very efficiently. This helps provide a better mechanism of real-time analysis of each ticket generated, which helps in automated ticket routing, prioritization of tickets, etc... NLP makes uncovering detailed insight from high volumes an easy task. Gartner predicts that 30% of interactions with technology would be through “conversations” with smart machines — many of them by voice. Plus, research has found that chat can handle 80% of customer communications. This is happening through the development of Natural Language Processing (NLP). Conversational AI humanizes customer language and solves their queries without human input. With the capabilities of machine learning along with the NLP system, conversational AI is taking its place to a great extend. The complete automation of ticketing is now made possible. That is from the time of the ticket creation to the process of completely resolving it. That is, when an IT operator or user files an issue, the system will effectively handle the ticket and logs it into the system. Then the ticket is assigned to a user and tracked and monitored till the ticket is resolved. With the NLP mechanism implementation, ticket logging from the new interface is also made possible, such as chatbot, voice services like Alexa, and mobile application.

Let's look into some features or capabilities the NLP-based ticketing system brings to the enterprise. Having to do lean night shifts or hanging to one end of a phone to query IT service issues is not a possible thing. This is where the capability of automation plays its role. AI-based ticketing enables automated systems to be available 24x7 to resolve every IT requirement. The system itself is automated in handling every IT ticket that is raised and completes them to a phase of auto-remediation of incident tickets or auto-fulfillment of service request tickets.

Benefits of NLP-based IT Service Management:

The major benefits of NLP-based IT Service Management are responding faster on every IT ticket raised and optimizing cost. The faster response of ticket will lower the rates on SLA breach time as every IT tickets raised are properly logged and assigned to the respective operator and resolved on time. Moreover, the operational cost is saved as there is no need for any operator to work 24x7 during the lean shifts. The overall business is significantly benefited from the implementation of the NLP system in omnichannel ticket logging.

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