Zero Touch ITOps with AIOps.

Oct 26, 2022. By Anil Abraham Kuriakose

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Zero Touch ITOps with AIOps

Managing IT infrastructure in this era of digital transformation is a real pain in the rear. Every process should work hand in hand, without a fail everywhere. Such as managing the customers, managing the IT requirements of the team, providing fast and quality service and mainly gaining increase in the revenue growth which is the ultimate goal. For all of this to happen, the first or necessity thing is to ensure that every IT service done is with highest quality and without any error. This requires a lot of input form the team and a lot of time to get a process done with the right quality. This is not a compromisable situation in any IT enterprise. So the next question is, what is the actual solution that can be brought here ?

AI based IT Automation:

The answer to the question is, nothing other than AI powered Automation. The hype around AI automation is really great. And as a fact most IT infrastructure is looking forward into the adoption of AI seeing the business benefits AI has bought into the industry. By the implementation of AI in IT enterprise, the quality of service provided was really great, the chance of manual error occurring was avoided, more over business saw a great return on investment by the adoption of AI. So, by this all the previously addressed challenges or issues can be overcome by AI adoption. But, by just the adoption of AI wont alone solve the problem. What we really need is a solution were we can implement the concept of Zero-Touch automation!

Yes, as said, Zero touch AI automation is the ultimate solution. The concept of zero touch is that, every IT request or service as well total governance of an IT infrastructure is completely automated using AI. Apart from part by part adoption of AI, the entire enterprise will be completely in the control of AI. That is, from the phase of identifying any event or anomaly which is AI based anomaly detection and identifying or recognizing incidents automatically, to request or service ticket creation and then to the auto remediation or auto fulfilment of IT tickets and then to the deep governance of IT infrastructure. By this the need for manual intervention can be avoided to a great extend which eventually reduces the risk of human error and increases the quality of deliverables and also reduces the time of operation and also the cost of operations. All of these operations are possible as AI based models are build, trained and deployed to preform all the above actives .

The AIOps Platform:

Lets divide the concept of Zero touch enterprise with AIOps into 4 different phase. These four phase provides an entire picture on how the zero touch mechanism work.

1.Observe Phase: As the terminology says, this phase helps in getting a deep analysis of the IT environment. That is observe different infrastructure elements, applications and service. That is, deep AI based observability is bought into the picture where every KPI and logs are continuously monitored. The deployed AI models with automatically identify any anomaly or events directly. That is, multi variate anomaly detection and log anomaly detection is made possible in the observe phase.

2.Engage Phase: Identifying the anomaly wont alone solve the problem. We need to have a mechanism to file that as a ticket automatically and alert the authorized IT team. The engage phase is all about that. This phase makes the IT user engagement more easier. That is, a mechanism to file IT service related tickets. Whether it be a service or an incident ticket, the engage phase can efficiently manage it. Moreover the engage phase helps in automating the IT front end support activities. This phase can be also made possible by the implementation of virtual agents. Where in which the agents automatically will handle and respond to all the queries and requests needed. AI-based L1 automation is made possible.

3.Action Phase: The action phase is the phase where the real automation takes place. The IT tickets filled to have a mechanism where in which they can automatically resolved. That is what the action phase is all about. The AI based auto remediation of incident tickets and AI based auto fulfilment of service tickets is completely carried out by the action phase. This enables the IT team to automate different IT management task and also completely automate the ticket handling process.

4.Governance Phase: The governance phase helps in understanding and monitoring the IT infrastructure in a big picture. That is, monitoring is made possible in a higher level perspective where in which the AI based governance of ITOps activities is made possible and also help the C-level executives to map IT investment returns in terms of business value.

The zero touch mechanism enables to completely automate the IT operation actives with high quality and moreover, it benefits the business at a great extent by reducing the operational cost and operational time.

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